Explore Another Slot from Slingshot Studios Links of Ra II


Games Global’s Slingshot Studios proudly introduces the installment, in the Links of Ra series "Links of Ra II" delivering an enhanced gaming experience with the innovative ULTRA Link&Win feature. This fresh addition to the gaming realm invites players to explore the treasures of a world through its gameplay and inventive mechanics.

"Links of Ra II" builds upon the success of its predecessor by introducing enhancements and extra features. Spanning five reels this game offers players 1,024 pathways to victory showcasing a captivating assortment of animal deities and gleaming gold coin symbols.

A notable highlight in this sequel is the return of the ULTRA Link&Win feature. Triggered when players land six or more coin symbols this feature initiates three re-spins on a grid with three additional locked rows. By collecting coins during these spins players can unlock rows significantly boosting their chances for substantial rewards.

Enhancing the thrill are boosters included in the game! Doublers have the ability to double the value of, up to four cash prize coins providing a boost to potential winnings.

Furthermore, the Extra Life Coins booster offers a turn when all re-spins are utilized giving players another opportunity to extend their gameplay and boost their winnings.

To add excitement the Max Mode meter records, near misses of four to five coins presenting players with three levels to unlock the thrilling ULTRA Link&Win feature for more engaging gaming prospects.

Power Stacks and Jackpots

Each spin has the potential to activate the Power Stacks feature, which applies in both the game and during spins. This feature randomly stacks symbols generously across all reels heightening anticipation with every spin. Additionally, players can vie for one of four jackpots by collecting jackpot coins that land on reel five possibly triggering the jackpot wheel.

Crafted by a team of professionals at Slingshot Studios, Links of Ra II exemplifies their dedication to innovation and excellence. Exclusively available through Games Global this game is tailored to deliver an exciting gaming experience. Whether you're a fan of the Links of Ra series or the latest title, this game guarantees an unforgettable journey brimming with wealth and thrill to the series!

Andy Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, added:“Links of Ra II™ has combined cutting-edge mechanics with thrilling features and graphics to create an adventure unlike any other. We've seen platinum level player retention and spins per player statistics during the game's exclusive early release period and we are excited to see more players enjoying Slingshot Studios’ latest innovative game during its global release.”


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By Ivan Stefanovic