Discover the Thrills of Swintt’s Jackbox Pearl Upgrade


In Swintt’s slot game Jackbox Pearl Upgrade, players are treated to an upgraded Pearl feature that promises thrilling gameplay and the potential for rewards. Part of the Swintt Premium series, this game combines fruit symbols and classic casino sounds for a nostalgic, yet refreshing gaming experience.

A Fresh Take, on Traditional Gameplay

Within the 3 reel and 5 payline layout lies a world of possibilities. When double pearl symbols appear across all reels the game expands into a 6x3 grid. This transformation locks the pearls in place leading to an enhanced bonus round where pearls and jackpot prizes take stage.

Exciting Bonus Elements

The offering of three spins is just the start of an exciting adventure. The presence of brand pearls not resets the spin counter but also extends the excitement until the reels are fully covered with prizes. Initially rewards range from 1 to 100 times the bet along, with the allure of Minor, Major or Maxi jackpots. However, in Jackbox Pearl Upgrade, a game changing element emerges; the arrival of a pearl can significantly boost the value of all surrounding pearls promising greater fortunes.

The Grand Prize

Reaching a set of 18 reels triggers the activation of the slots 1,000x Mega jackpot enhancing both the thrill of success and the potential for payouts. Moreover, for those on action there's an option to 'Buy Feature Games' while more daring players may choose to enhance their winnings through a strategic 'Risk' card game.

Jackbox Pearl Upgrade by Swintt pays tribute to the enduring charm of fruit-themed slots. Also transforms gaming experiences with its innovative features and engaging gameplay. As players navigate this game they can look forward to unexpected turns and generous rewards that maintain high levels of anticipation—a blend of nostalgia and fresh excitement, in every slot session.

David Mann, Chief Executive Officer at Swintt, said:“While our SwinttPremium slots have certainly proved a huge hit with players, one feature that undoubtedly stands alone in terms of its popularity is the Pearl Feature – and in Jackbox Pearl Upgrade, we’ve taken this exciting bonus round to all-new heights!”


“Swintt lifts the lid on super-sized prizes in Jackbox Pearl Upgrade”,, February 27, 2024.

By Ivan Stefanovic