Take Part in One Epic Viking Quest with Real Dealer Studios Roulette


Real Dealer Studios has released Vikings Multifire Roulette, an online experience with cinematic qualities that marry the regular European roulette action with a thrilling Viking adventure. This novel concept of a game can whisk punters away to a mesmerizing Norse adventure land in an instant.

Vikings Multifire Roulette will instantly thrust you into a Viking longhouse graced by crackling fires, an array of weaponry and most importantly for yourself, a captivating roulette wheel. Play and immerse yourself in enchanting sounds from mystical music with careful runic designs to experience the Norse- inspired culture. With this immersive setting, players will be given something unprecedented in the iGaming industry that they do not have a glimpse of yet.

One of the several features that sets apart Vikings Multifire Roulette is Real Dealer Studios’ ground-breaking technology in Cinematic RNG, an approach introduced with high quality video footage of the captivating visuals seen in blockbuster movies with a game framework based on random number generation. The heart-stopping technology creates an overwhelming visual environment providing players with a gaming experience like never before.

Adrenaline-Fueled Gameplay with Huge Multipliers

It is the huge multipliers feature that truly stands out and allows players to increase their winnings to incredible levels, on straight up bets by up to 500 times. Each round is complete with multipliers 45x to 500x; by the displayed numbers is an open by the curled line of shields revealed with flaming arrows. The completion of a successful bet on the respective numbers provides multiplication of payouts on the rate.

About Real Dealer Studios

Real Dealer Studios has managed to find itself on the niche of being a motion picture expert in actual dealer casino games with a unique approach by incorporating their experienced film directors, actors, and producers who are based in Hollywood in the whole process.

Founded in 2019 with its headquarters located in Malta, Estonia, this particular firm is a company ahead of the others and is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of gaming. They bring together the glitz and glamour of Hollywood with the excitement and allure of a casino.

Source: “Real Dealer Returns to Battle with Viking-Themed Roulette”. European Gaming. January 15, 2024.

By Ivan Stefanovic