Blackjack Variations – Why There Are So Many Varieties?


Casino games have been around for hundreds of years, and some of the games that are still played today could even be accurately described as having ‘ancient’ origins. In a modern casino, though, you’ll see that there are loads of different varieties of these games, so why do they exist? Blackjack sees so many different versions that are played today, but are variations there to be a gimmick or is there actually a reason for them?

Blackjack Variations

Blackjack’s rules are often altered and changed for people to play slightly differently. Simplicity is at the core of the game, and casinos can make their own little tweaks that add a different element to the game. People who play blackjack online may explore different styles and ways of playing the game such as Double Deck Blackjack, which, as you’ve probably already guessed, is played with two decks. Blackjack variation games also have rules where the stake may be returned if they hit a certain number or other conditional changes. 

Blackjack’s variations can change the way people interact with the game and also slightly change the way the game is played, some players may choose to alter their blackjack strategy when they are playing, and adjust it based on the different ways in which the game can work. Players need to read the rules on a variation so they fully understand the way the game is played.

When a player sees blackjacks such as “Pontoon” and “21” it is important to know that the game may not be a specific variety, it could just be that it is called a different name. Blackjack’s history has seen it called a few different things around the world. When someone sees a game called “21” it probably has the same rules as blackjack and is just a different name for it.

What’s Driving Variety?

Thousands of games can be found at online casinos, and that is no exaggeration, so why are there so many? Competition is one of the things driving this level of variation. Each casino is looking for a way to stand out from the others and have something that their competitors don’t. Consumers and players who like blackjack may want to mix things up and see what other varieties are out there. Some variations may also be different in how they pay out, so players may build a strategy to play them, but the choice people make on which variety to play comes down to entertainment and personal preference. 

People are used to having choices when they’re gaming and blackjack is no different, and the way the interfaces look and feel will all be slightly different with a variety of different soundtracks and sound effects, as well as graphics.


Technology is another top reason behind the growth in variation. While people once had to visit a casino to play the games, online versions of black games are made using code, and one developer could potentially make a whole blackjack game including some interesting tweaks. Development companies are always working on new versions of these games and a fresh angle to approach things, and it doesn’t take a huge level of resources to do so.

Technology has also changed in terms of connectivity, with average internet connections and phone and laptop speeds increasing and allowing people to actually log in and play things like blackjack packed with mini-games. US speeds are some of the fastest in the world and the customers are benefitting from this to play more complex games with added features and different ways to engage.

Thriving Industries

Gambling is a thriving industry in many locations which means that there are resources to put back into making it grow, including the development of new games. With such a competitive scene, companies are often looking to get the best developers and come up with the next hit game or variation of the original game, this means they might look to launch new types of blackjack or games with new themes and interesting mechanics. If the industry weren’t doing so well, we wouldn’t see so many new games. 

Growth of the Wider Gaming Industry

Gaming itself is growing, with new technology going into developing games and coding techniques that help the gambling industry in turn. Parallel growth has been seen in console and PC games, for example. 


Popular games like Blackjack (also known as 21 and Pontoon) have a huge following and there are a lot of people who are willing to try out the new variations casinos come up with, whether it means a change in the mechanics or a tweak of the theme. Developers are coming up with interesting new ways to change the game and tweak the look and feel of blackjack interfaces. We don’t expect the number of variations to slow down any time soon!

By GamesAndCasino