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    Gamblers rely on casino affiliates and for good reason, they are the epicenter of the online gaming industry. We will share acquisitions and partnerships taking place across the globe in our up-to-the-minute news flashes.

    Also covered are casino groups with important announcements, changes and new beginnings. From owners, operators, management, reps and more we have the info you are looking for!

    • 20 September 2017

      LCB Network Announces Acquisition of Affiliate Guard Dog

      The LCB Network (Latest Casino Bonuses, LCB), the parent company of GamesandCasino, has announced the acquisition of longstanding industry fairness advocate, Affiliate Guard Dog (AGD). The team at LCB hopes to use their many years of experience in protecting players to now also protect fellow affiliates in the online casino industry.

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    • 05 April 2016

      Catena Media Purchases AskGamblers.com Web Portal

      There are certain online casino portals that have gained a tremendous amount of popularity, this being one of them, and sometimes there are big business deals involving these portals that are important to the industry as a whole. AskGamblers.com, one of the most popular websites centered around the online casino industry, has been recently purchased by the company Catena Media for a total of €15 million in a move that's making waves in the online casino world. Details on the Deal

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    • 29 November 2015

      Betsson Affiliate Manager Hit With Money Laundering Charges

      The affiliate portion of the online gambling industry is important to understand as a player because it's supposed to be a mutually-beneficial relationship. The affiliate offers up a lot of helpful information that you can use to find a trustworthy place to play and maximize your chances of winning, and the gambling sites you are referred to give that affiliate a small piece of their profits in exchange for bringing players to their sites.

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    • 08 October 2015

      Casino Rewards Wins Advertising Standards Case

      One of the problems with Internet gambling is that it opens up the door for underage gambling on certain levels if things aren't policed properly. While it's not necessarily easy for a 14-year-old boy to sign up and play for real money online, it's a lot easier than walking into a land-based casino and passing yourself off as being of legal age.

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    • 28 November 2012

      Income Access Teams With Stratosphere Casino

      In a recent press release, Income Access–so far a strictly iGaming business–announces its first partnership with a land-based casino. Las Vegas’ own Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower is the inaugural partner. Technically, Income Access is still dealing with only online partners, as its relationship with the Stratosphere Casino is strictly through its iGaming arm, ACEP Interactive LLC.

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    • 15 November 2012

      bet365 Announces Partnership with eCOGRA

      eCOGRA partners with bet365 Today bet365 Group Ltd, one of the largest gambling conglomerates in the world, identified eCOGRA to provide regulation testing and certification services to bet365’s gambling network. Steven Degg, Regulatory Compliance and Information Officer for bet365 stated, “bet365 selected eCOGRA based on the depth of skills, experience of its resources and a successful track record in providing compliance services to other leading operators and software suppliers.

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    • 24 October 2012

      Facebook Fan Pages: A Gamble?

      A Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP) article “Is Facebook Extorting Gambling Companies?” hit the internet waves a few days ago, and we’re still feeling the repercussions. In the article, Mike Litson tells the story of an iGaming affiliate  who goes through the ringer with Facebook as he tries to figure out why his fanpage is no longer available on the Facebook site.

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    • 23 August 2012

      Google Penguin Goes Organic

      When Google Panda hit the scene in 2011, the algorithm update was anything but soft and squeezable; it was the first time Google launched an obvious initiative that promoted sites with quality onsite content and a solid user experience and demoted the lower-quality sites that primarily existed on a diet of low-level links and low-quality writing.

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    • 05 August 2012

      Are Bots Your Biggest Fan On Facebook?

      If you are thinking about creating a Facebook ad presence, you may want to think again. At least, that’s what it would seem from one company’s experience. Limited Run, an internet services company which helps musically gifted folk (and other artists, labels) create their own online stores for selling products and digital downloads. Upon launching their first Facebook ad campaign, they realized that they could verify less than 25% of all ad clicks.

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    • 17 December 2011

      Bovada is the new Bodog: What It Means For Affiliates

      The Bodog rebranding for US-players is less a result of an identity crisis and more one of necessity. As the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group loses its licensing agreement with the Bodog brand at the end of the year, they are maintaining operations under a new name and website to create seamless continuity for its US players (and your affiliate information). That being said, affiliates need to be aware of a few changes in the affiliate program offered by MMGG.

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    • 17 December 2011

      Play Immortal Beloved for Free and Win Cash (Affiliate Exclusive!)

      Red Flush Casino knows that in order to spread the word about its new Immortal Romance online slot, it first has to spread the love. And now it has with an exclusive offer for its affiliates. Head to Red Flush Casino via this link to choose between the following: a 50% deposit bonus match up to $49 and 30 free spins . a 100% deposit match bonus up to $150 and 50 free spin

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    • 05 August 2011

      Bet365 launches Affiliate Fantasy Football league

      If you think you have the inside scoop on the football season, or it’s just been too long since you were able to smacktalk an opponent over the internet, you’re in luck: Bet365 is firing up a Fantasy Football league just for its affiliates and just in time for the 2011-2012 English Football season to start. Affiliates will battle against each other, against their affiliate manager, and against the rest of the Bet365 affiliate team.

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    • 16 May 2011

      Another Casino Group Rolls Up the Welcome Mat

      Casino Coins, a large Vegas Technology online casino operator, announced today that it will no longer take on new players. In an email sent out to all of its affiliates, Casino Coins stated that this new policy will be effective immediately (May 16, 2011) and includes all of their brands: English Harbour, Caribbean Gold, Millionaire Casino, Silver Dollar, Slots Galore, Super Slots, and VIP Slots.

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    • 09 May 2011

      eCOGRA Revises Requirements; Aligns with CEN Workshop

      It was announced at eCOGRA today that it is aligning its core Generally Accepted Practices (eGAPs) with the CEN Responsible Remote Gambling Measures in an effort to put itself on the front line of accredited operators. As one of the first initiatives since becoming an independent council, the eGAP revisions come at a time when the online gambling community has shown it needs a little guidance, as we’ve seen recently with Absolute Poker and Blanca Gaming of Antigua.

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    • 21 April 2011

      Google Puts Power Into Original Content

      The Google Webmaster blog says it’s getting great feedback from searchers and from websites regarding it’s newest algorithm update. “Based on our testing,” states Amit Singhal, Google Fellow, “we’ve found the algorithm is very accurate at detecting site quality.” He even goes so far to say that if you think your site is high-quality and you’ve been negatively impacted by the recent update, you should look harder at your site, and not at Google.

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    • 17 April 2011

      Full Tilt and PokerStars Seized by FBI: How will the chips fall?

      If you haven’t experienced it in person when you logged into your Full Tilt, PokerStars, or AbsolutePoker account, you’ve most certainly heard the news: The FBI has seized these three online poker powerhouses along with 8 more offshore online poker rooms on charges of money laundering, bank fraud, and wire fraud. Here’s the indictment that started the online poker scandal.

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    • 11 April 2011

      Google Panda: The Biggest Losers

      Google Panda is all about making content farms and duplicate content sites an endangered species. Even sites with modest amounts of generated content were affected, and some more than others. Barry Schwartz from Search Engine RoundTable ran a poll after Google Panda/Farmer was implemented asking how its users were impacted.

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    • 11 April 2011

      Google Panda: What To Do If You’ve Been Affected

      Now that it’s been established that the new Google Panda is unsympathetic to article farms and content factories, what do you do if you have relied heavily on article marketing? While it appears a lot of the directories are pretty much worthless now, there are a few things you can do.

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    • 11 April 2011

      Google Panda: Size Matters, but Quality Counts

      The buzz is on about the new Google algorithm update named Panda by Google, nicknamed Farmer by webmasters. It was first implemented in the US, and, by the time you read this, it will also likely be live in the UK. It all started with an announcement by Amit Singhal, Google Fellow, and Matt Cutts, Principal Engineer in the Google Blog: “…in the last day or so we launched a pretty big algorithmic improvement to our ranking—a change that noticeably impacts 11.

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    • 29 March 2011

      eCOGRA: Under New Management ?

      eCOGRA announced today in a press release that it has undergone a management buy-out. And, much to the relief of online players and online casino affiliates, the highest bidder was its very own management. Starting today, eCOGRA strengthens its independent status by no longer including software groups in its ownership structure.

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    • 18 March 2011

      Affiliate Marketing Tax: Unfair or Unconstitutional?

      Illinois’ House Bill 3659, known by its more marketable name, “The Mainstreet Fairness Bill“, has was signed into action last week by Governor Pat Quinn. As stated in a press release from the Illoiness Government News Network (IGNN), this particular bill, “will require all online retailers who contract with an “affiliate” in Illinois to collect sales tax on customer purchases and remit it to the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR).”

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    • 23 February 2011

      eCOGRA Welcomes the First Pan-European Consumer Protection Agreeement for Online Gambling

      In a February 23, 2011 press release, eCOGRA Welcomes First Pan-European Consumer Protection Agreement for Online Gambling, an announcement was made that solidified the rights of online gamblers in 31 European countries. Working with CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation, eCOGRA helped to facilitate the list of voluntary technical specifications, such as a CEN workshop agreement, to grow a single market for European industry and consumers across its members in 31 European countries.

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    • 10 February 2011

      Bodog Blocks Bots to Protect the Everyman Poker Player

      In its recent article, Bodog to Phase Out Poker Info Scraping Sites, Casino Affiliate Programs reports how Bodog is taking the online poker game back the the leisure player with the hopes of injecting more fun back into the online poker game. Tired of professional players leaching operational information by way of information portal sites like Poker Site Scout, PokerDB, and Shark Scope, Bodog is proactively targeting and blocking these sites to allow its players more fair play.

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    • 02 February 2011

      Electric Word to take over Affiliate Media events and publishing

      On January 28, 2011, Electric Word, parent company to iGaming Business, announced the successful conclusion of a deal to acquire a portion of Affiliate Media, namely its affiliation with iGB Affiliate events and publishing. As the press releases rolled out, it became clear that  iGaming Business has made simplification a new year’s resolution.

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    • 31 January 2011

      GNC's Dominique Wins 2011 iGB Affiliate Award

      The 2011 London Affiliate Conference kicked off with a wonderful bang as the winners of the 2011 iGB Affiliate Awards were announced on Thursday, January 27th. The number of awards was reduced this year from 23 to 15, making the competition more intense as industry icons all over the world were nominated for top spots.

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    • 30 December 2010

      AffilliateWIDE Braces for a Banner Year

      AffilliateWIDE, owner of the B0x24 Casino, Black Diamond Casino, and Spartan Slots Casino brands, recently added several additional credit card processors for player traffic from the United States. This move not only will increase affiliate statistics due to an increase in player deposits, it also positions AffiliateWIDE as a strong and viable contender in the online gaming affiliate mix, despite being a fairly new dog to the fight.

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    • 08 December 2010

      Google Targets the Rogue

      In a blog post titled, “Being bad to your customers is bad for business“, Google blogger Amit Singhal poses a response to a recent New York Times article that showcased how a merchant actually scored prime search engine real estate because of negative reviews, not in spite of them. “I never had the amount of traffic I have now since my 1st complaint. I am in heaven,” states Tony Russo, the owner of several online eyewear businesses.

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    • 04 December 2010

      Purple Lounge Rolls Out the Red (and Green) Carpet

      Purple Lounge casino is giving its affiliates a little something extra this holiday season. While a white Christmas is poetic, a green Christmas (or at least one with lots of great–and free–presents) is much, much better. During the month of December, you’ll be giving one Xmas Extravaganza raffle ticket for each new player who deposits at Purple Lounge casino.

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    • 02 December 2010

      Slotland Launches Additional Affiliate Program

      Slotland Affiliates has launched a Net Revenue Share program, which determines a net revenue commission by taking total player deposits minus  actual withdrawals, transaction fees and chargebacks (15%).  This program will not replace their current and long-standing Gross Revenue Share program; on the contrary, the Slotland Net Revenue Share program is an addition which allows affiliates to choose how they’d like to their players’ deposits to be handled.

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    • 30 November 2010

      CasinoMeister's Bryan Bailey Takes the Helm at GoneGambling.com

      In a press release earlier today, GoneGambling.com announced an official torch-passing from John Abbott, who has owned the site for more than 12 years, to Bryan Bailey,  current webmaster of CasinoMeister.com. Both parties seem entirely pleased with the arrangement. Abbott states he “couldn’t be more pleased” and Bailey repeated the sentiment, adding, “I am both honored and absolutely thrilled to be running the site.

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