• Online Keno - Get Your Feet Wet First

    If you're interested in playing keno online, I would advise you to get your feet wet by playing the game for free first.


    Well, if nothing else, it going to demonstrate what kind of trouble you can find yourself in if you're too reckless.

    All I had to do was play the free game for three minutes to come to the conclusion that keno is potentially a much, much more profitable proposition for the online casino than it is for the land-based casino. Since the other side of "profit" is "loss," that means, by definition, that the player will be supplying the latter. I'm not necessarily saying that's because the house advantage is so much more for online keno than it is for regular casino keno either.

    Interestingly enough, the relative difference between the house's edge in keno as opposed to, say, blackjack is probably not as much online as it is in the brick-and-mortar setting, because blackjack online is largely dealt out of a deck that is reshuffled after every hand.

    I'm saying that online keno moves so potentially fast that you can play a "multi-race" card - with consecutive games, for example - in just a few minutes. One can play 20-30 games online in the time it takes to play just one game in a land-based casino setting. That's staggering.

    So you have to learn to pace yourself a bit. You don't want your bankroll to be whittled down to the nub before you have an opportunity to gain any enjoyment from what you are doing. By playing some "practice" games, you'll have a better, risk-free idea as to how long you'll be able to stretch things out, and will learn that moderation is often beneficial in the newly "fast and furious" world of online keno.

    By Charles Jay