• Turkeys, Drumsticks, and Pies are Hot and Fresh Vic's Bingo!

    15 November 2010

    NewspaperVics Bingo Thanksgiving Contest Patterns

    What do Turkeys, Drumsticks and Pies have in common? Besides that they are staples of an American Thanksgiving meal. And besides that they’re delicious.

    Turkeys, Drumsticks, and Pies are the online bingo patterns to watch (and win) at Vic’s Bingo this fabulously generous November. Every time you win one of these pattern games, you’ll be awarded points that will tally throughout the month of November:

    • In Quarters games, you’ll get 4 points for every Turkey pattern you win.
    • In Nickels games, you’ll get 3 points for every Drumstick pattern.
    • In Penny games, 3 points will be awarded for every Pie pattern you bingo.
    Vic's Bingo

    I’ve included a shot of the patterns as translated on the bingo card to help. They are listed in the same order as above.

    At the end of the contest, the winner will walk away with a Sony Cybershot digital camera. The second and third place finishers will get $500 and $350 respectively.

    Players still have fifteen days to take advantage of this special promotion, which is plenty of time to “gobble” up enough points to win.

    My mouth is still watering. Turkeys, Drumsticks, and Pies. Finally, it pays to play with my food!

    Accepts all Players