• Polls Show DFS Challenging Casino and Lottery Play

    03 November 2015

    Dfs threat lottery casino

    The Leger research group did a poll of over 1,000 daily fantasy sports players in the United States. This poll showed a number of interesting things, but the most important finding was that their money spent on these games definitely lowers the amount of money they spend on lotteries and in casinos. A total of more than 60 percent of those players said that this is the case, and this could make casinos and lottery companies rethink how they approach DFS.

    The Combination of Skill and Luck

    It's already been established that daily fantasy sports is a form of online gambling, and it's not really worth it to pretend like it's not at this point. However, what does make it stand out is the unique combination of skill and luck that players need to do well. This is a lot like a game like online poker where skill will win out over the long run, but luck can still turn you into a winner even if you have no clue what you're doing.

    This is one of the reasons why it's so interesting to think about why casino games and lottery games would lose money to DFS players. In short, it's the recreational players in DFS that aren't trying to get the advantage through skill that matter the most in this equation, and these are the types of players who would be really into lotto games or casino titles like online slots that focus primarily on the luck factor.

    Numbers of People Playing

    While daily fantasy sports have come under a lot of fire recently, it's important to point out that a total of about 15 percent of people in the United States who were polled by Leger answered that they have participated in DFS. This is a huge percentage of the overall eligible population, but that's not stopping states like Nevada from protecting their gambling operations by banning the games.

    This research by Leger shows a lot of why this could be the case, and it also shows that DFS is direct competition for other forms of gambling in terms of where the dollars are going. The casinos and lottery companies could either adjust by getting in on the DFS action themselves, or they can try to ban the games and get nothing out of it. So far, they've been banning it for the most part.

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