PokerShare Gives Away 8000 Gallons of Gas to New Yorkers!

How cool is this! Friday, May 26th gave away over 8 thousand gallons of gasoline to hundreds of people in New York! The line to get gas stretched for over 10 blocks, even blocking traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge.

PokerShare employees joined the gas station employees at 6 AM at the Westside Highway gas station, where they began pumping full tanks (up to 40 gallons) of free unleaded gasoline per customer, with PokerShare picking up the tab! PokerShare said their goal was to help the people of New York have an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend without having to worry about the current price of gasoline at the pumps.

The event was covered by local TV and Radio programs; the PokerShare team consisted of the PokerShare Pump Girls, who were very busy filling tanks of hundreds of happy New Yorkers. The event did cause just a little traffic congestion, with cars backed up all during rush hour so NYPD was obliged to request the free give-away come to a halt.

People came from all over, some as far as New Jersey to take advantage of PokerShare’s generousity. The Free Gas Giveaway was scheduled to last for 5 hours, but was shut down sooner than planned due to traffic congestion. They’re already making plans for the next city to benefit from their generosity. Maybe it will be at a pump near you!

Author: GamesAndCasino