• Andreas Oscarsson Found Dead

    05 August 2009


    Flags in casinos and e-flags in internet gaming sites should be at half mast today. The gaming industry has lost a pioneer and a truly great man. Andreas Oscarsson, the 36 year old poker affiliate entrepreneur, was found shot to death in his bed in Sweden where he was visiting with his 2 year old son. He recently stepped down as CEO of the huge gaming portal PokerListings.com to spend more time with his son. His son was apparently not injured in the attack.

    Details of the crime are very sketchy. Not much is known other than he was found shot in his bed. It is not known whether his son was awake or if he witnessed the shooting or not.

    Special police investigators, specially trained to deal with children, have talked with his son in an attempt to find out what they can about what happened.

    Andreas had parlayed his prowess in online gaming into other areas, such as mortgage and debt companies. He had also been recently involved in the successful Result.com. He was an astute visionary of the game of poker and a professional player. He won Event 42 of the WSOP in 2005.

    Andreas lived in New York and was visiting Sweden with his son. Our prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends. The world has lost a truly great man and the poker and gaming industry has lost a friend indeed. The music will be a little less cheerful, the lights will be a little less bright, and the world will not be what it was with the passing of Andreas Oscarsson.

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