GiG Games Casinos

GiG Games was launched in 2017, but they released their first slot in late 2018. This company is a subsidiary of the more well-known Gaming Innovation Group (GIG for short), and this affiliation has led them to quickly gain a license to produce games from the Malta Gaming Authority. They have offices in Malta as well, but they also have offices in Denmark, the United States, Gibraltar, Norway, Spain and other places.

A Jump Into Game Development

To understand what GiG Games does, you have to understand why they were created in the first place. GIG has had a great reputation for quite some time for running high-end online casinos and for offering a number of back-end products for operators. With that having been said, they didn't really have any titles of their own, so they were stuck in a position of only hosting games developed by third parties.

The creation of GiG Games allowed them to do something about this. As such, this subsidiary was created as a way for GIG to have exclusive, high-quality casino games that the competition wouldn't have access to in an attempt to make them stand out and be more competitive on all levels.

Game Quality

For this strategy to work, the games they produce must be of a particularly high quality, and that's exactly what GiG Games brings to the table. The development of this company has been taken very seriously, and it's put them in a position where they have every opportunity to build titles that look great and that have strong features and gameplay values. Additionally, it gives them a position where they can prepare for and integrate whatever they need to more easily fit into the given software platform.

Mobile Compatibility

One issue where the platform is particularly important is with the mobile sector. As such, all of GiG Games' titles are available with a very flexible mobile offering. Their games can run on devices with all different screen sizes, including both tablets and smartphones. Additionally, you can use just about any modern operating system like iOS, Android or Blackberry to connect and play. All you really need is a connection and a web browser to enjoy their titles with no additional download required.


Understanding why GIG created GiG Games is a key part of understanding their overall strategy and why the quality of their games and mobile support are both extremely important parts of how they do business. They don't have a huge portfolio because they haven't been around as long as a lot of their competitors, but the games they do have available are of a high quality with excellent gameplay and aesthetic elements. With so much experience in the industry, it's clear that they've used the time they've been around in a smart way to develop titles that players will love.