Slotland Online Roulette


If you’re familiar with Slotland Entertainment you know that they are something of a unique gaming provider. They’ve been in the business for quite a while, and their games have always only been available from their own online casinos. This is why it’s quite rare to run across these games when playing online.

However, the above also means that you are sure to experience something unique when playing Slotland online roulette. Not that they change the game too much, after all, it’s roulette we are talking about here. The experience is still sure to come from a game developer that is good enough to carry the company for decades now. The games you will find here are automated table games, which allow play on mobile ande desktop alike.

Different Roulette Variants

How can you make different roulette variants? This game has essentially remained the same throughout centuries. The very basics of roulette, the game is always played against the casino, it comes with pretty much the same layout, and the result is determined the same way. There is not that much to innovate with roulette games, and that has remained a constant pretty much to this day.

Yet, subtle differences are a possibility. For example, the payout percentage differences between European Roulette and American Roulette. Betting limits are another factor, with different games suitable for different audiences. Lately side bets have also made their way into the selection, though these most often feature in live casino games. You might want to take a look there if you’re looking for something completely different when it comes to roulette.

Interface and Graphics

The interface in Slotland Entertainment roulette games is generally good, though some might show a bit of wear and tear due to the age of the games. Even so, the games are fully playable on mobile and desktop devices alike. All the settings and options are accessible via simple buttons, whilst betting is made likewise easy. It’s a pretty interactive setup, including the the layout. One thing that is mostly missing is some of the called bets, like Voisins du zéro or Orphelins.

The graphics are likewise a mix of old and new, depending on when the individual title was first released. In some cases, an update would be called for. Sound and music, animations and other effects are not mind-blowing, but they do their part to give you an interesting experience playing these table games.

Overall, the limiting factor when it comes to playing these games is their availability. You pretty much have to head to one of the three online casinos that offer these games: Win a Day, Slotland, or CryptoSlots. Take your pick, or check out the games in demo mode first.