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    Roulette 45, a European-style online roulette game using Visionary iGaming software, presents a new game every 45 seconds! If you’re looking for a quick spinning roulette wheel, try online Roulette 45 at Celtic Casino.

    Limber up your knuckles and get your wagers planned out for this fast-paced European online Roulette 45 game. And, as if quick betting wasn’t enough to keep your fingers flying, Roulette 45 also has a chat feature, where you can enlist your fellow online roulette players in a healthy round of good karma.

    Whenever there is a lull in online Roulette 45, take advantage of the mouse-over functions on the screen, which will give you payout and odds information, as well as a fully detailed game guide in the menu section.

    Celtic Casino has a wide variety of timed online roulette games available, so if the 45-second wheel is a bit too fast for you, we suggest trying Roulette 60 (which features a 60-second game) or Roulette 90 (you guessed it, a 90-second game).

    All timed roulette games, like Roulette 45, are single-zero European Roulette and all feature the ability to chat with your fellow players. If you’re looking for something a bit more realistic, Celtic Casino also has a live broadcast, live dealer roulette game that is worth checking out as well.


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