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    American Roulette, using Visionary iGaming software, has an extra slot with two-zeros and you try to predict which of the 38 numbers the well-animated ball will land on, in this Celtic Casino roulette game.

    In American online roulette, there are 35 ways to bet, which means there are 35 ways to win at this classic casino game and each pass is as well animated as the next.

    American online roulette wagering.

    Prior to playing the game, American Roulette online players must select their table betting limits, which are broken out into the following tiers:

    • American Roulette Table Limits #1: 0.10 to 60.00 credits.
    • American Roulette Table Limits #2: 1.00 to 100.00 credits.
    • American Roulette Table Limits #3: 5.00 to 250.00 credits.
    • American Roulette Table Limits #4: 15.00 to 500.00 credits.

    The American Roulette game will load after a selection is made.

    Whether you place an Inside bet, an Outside bet, an Express bet, or a Special bet in American Roulette, you can wager that each and every one is defined in the game help menu in case you need it.

    The extensive American online roulette game guide is particularly beneficial if you don’t know your Finale Pleins from your Macaus.

    If you’re used to playing European Roulette, American Roulette using Visionary iGaming software is very similar. In fact the game is almost identical except for the addition of the Double Zero (00) space on the reel. Given the extra space, some of the wagers featured in European Roulette aren’t featured in the American version.

    When you’re finished playing American Roulette, you should take advantage of the unique live dealer roulette offered by Celtic Casino, where you can chat with the croupiers, watch live video streams, and feel a little closer to the action.

    You’d be hard pressed to find another online casino that offers so many different kinds of roulette games.