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A European Roulette version, this live online roulette game features a huge variety of bets, including 36 total numbers and one 0, at Celtic Casino. With fewer numbers, European Roulette is said to have a lower house edge than the American roulette version.

Play online European roulette with live video feeds and real wheels with Celtic Casino’s Live Roulette game!

The object of live online roulette is to place successful wagers on where a ball will land on a rapidly spinning wheel with 37 numbered resting places.

Regardless if you play for real or fun money, you’ll need to select a wagering limit prior to joining the live European roulette game. The wagering limits below are for the whole table, not single bets:

  • Low Limit: If you’re looking to play with lower risks, and therefore lower returns, the approachable low limit tables offer wagering limits from .50 to 50 credits per game.
  • Normal Limit: From 1.00 credits to 200 credits, the normal limit table wagers provide a wide range of betting options to suit most players.
  • High Limit: The high limit range is from 5.00 credits to 300 credits, plenty of opportunity to bet and win big.

It’s important to note the above credits may vary a bit with different currencies. Once you set your wager, the video feed loads automatically.

To begin, place your bets on the live roulette table as you see fit. The table will highlight your chosen wagers so you can keep an eye on them while the wheel spins. Here are a few of the bets you’ll have available to you with Celtic Casino’s Live Roulette game:

  • Inside Bets: Bets placed on a single number or single range of numbers based on their position. Offering higher-risk, higher payout odds, they are called “inside” bets because of their physical position on the table, near the middle.
  • Outside Bets: With better winning odds (and with that, smaller payouts), outside bets contain larger groups of numbers, like odd or even and black or red.

Each type of bet has its own wagering limits, so if you find yourself with trouble wagering, check to make sure you are within your proper parameters. Celtic Casino’s software will help you when it can.

Because it is a live roulette game, you’ll only have so much time to place your bets. When the live roulette dealer states the end of betting, usually when the wheel starts to slow down, you will no longer be able to select additional wagers.

This is a large departure from “classic” online roulette games that only let you place your wagers before the wheel even starts spinning.

The smallest payout with this live online European roulette game is 1:1 (a.k.a. even money) and the largest payout, when you correctly call the single number the ball lands in, is 35 to 1.

When you play live European roulette at Celtic Casino, you can acknowledge, chat with, and even tip the dealer, making the playing live roulette online a truly personal experience. It may take some getting used to, but you’ll feel like you’re right in the same room as the action before you know it.

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