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    Three Card Poker Aces or Faces Party features two additional side bets and a little more flavor to keep things interesting, as Celtic Casino introduced this different game to its table poker line up.

    Devoted Three Card Poker players will love the additional options of Lucky Faces and Lucky Aces side bets without losing the Pair Plus or Ante Bonus bets.

    Three Card Poker Aces or Faces online poker wagering; you’ll be asked to select a game profile, which basically determines your table limits for the game. Four different profiles are available: .50 to 25.00, 1.00 to 100.00, 5.00 to 250.00, and 25.00 to 500.00. Once you select a profile, the game begins with those specific limits in place.

    Aces or Faces Party Three Card Poker is, at its roots, a poker game against the dealer. Both the player and the dealer are dealt three cards, and the side with the best modified poker hand wins.

    The Aces or Faces Pay Table starts with a High Card (Dealer qualifies with a Queen) and tops out at a Straight Flush.

    Aces or Faces wagering options:

    • Ante Bet: This is the “regular play” bet. Player wins are 1:1 under most circumstances.

    • Double Ante Bet: If you play the “regular play” option and beat the dealer when he has a qualifying hand, you have the option to double your ante bet for the next hand.

    • Ante Bonus Bet: The Ante Bet Bonus is a wager that pays out when you have specific poker hands, namely the Straight Flush (5:1), the Three of a Kind (4:1), and a Straight (1:1).

    • Pair Plus Bet: With the Pair Plus wager, you’re betting your three-card hand will have not only a win, but a pair or better. Payouts are extremely good with this risky wager, up to 40:1 on a Straight Flush.

    • Lucky Faces Party Bet: This bet is a bit specific, but with high payout opportunity. You’ll need at least two face cards to win the 3:1 payout, and you’ll need three face cards in a very specific order (Spades, Diamonds, Clubs) to get the 100:1 smile on your face.

    • Lucky Aces Party Bet: Similar to the Lucky Faces Bet, the Lucky Aces Party wagers that you’ll get at least one Ace in your hand (2:1). If you are lucky enough to have more than one Ace, and you are lucky enough to get three of them in the providential order of Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, you’ll get the 2000:1 payout. And you may want to take the opportunity to buy a lottery ticket while you’re out celebrating.

    Three Card Poker Aces or Faces Party is definitely the wild and crazy version of online poker that is not for the weak or risk-averse. See how well you do when you play it at Celtic Casino.

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