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    Party Gaming takes the classic blackjack game and heightens the stakes with its single-hand Blackjack High Limit game, where you could win $1500 per hand!

    You can expect the play to be a little more expensive with Blackjack High Limit. While the sky may seem the limit with the $1000 maximum bet, you’ll need to fork over at least $100 per game just to play with the big dogs.

    In some ways, it’s probably a good idea they only offer this game one hand at a time.

    Blackjack High Limit is played with eight decks of 52 cards (standard decks minus the jokers) that are reshuffled once a fifth of deck has been played.

    Vegas-style rules apply, which means you won’t have any restrictions on Doubling Down, the Dealer draws on a soft 17, and splitting is allowed up to three times (as long as you have the money to burn). Dealer will peak for blackjack and won’t let you get a word or play in edgewise if he has it.

    Blackjack High Limit is available in both the real money and the play money versions, so you can escape to your Prada/Astin Martin world as often as you need to.

    If you can’t stake the big money, or you’re from the United States and can’t deposit real money, the play money version offers a nice distraction. And when you’re ready to try the other blackjack games Party Gaming has to offer, you’ll have plenty to do.


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