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    Party Gaming Multi-Hand Blackjack is as straightforward as it is entertaining to play-after all, the game doesn’t change, only how you play it does (5 hands at a time). You’ll have the choice of playing just one, two, and up to all five hands at the table.

    Minimum table bets are $1, and the maximum bet climbs to $500. Table limits are only instituted at the start of the game, with the initial two cards. Even if you bet the maximum wager at the beginning of every hand, you’ll still be able to split and double with additional bets.

    The table has five seats, one dealer, and eight decks of 52 cards. The stack is reshuffled after about 83 cards have been in play (20%), and the Dealer is so wicked fast at prepping the shuffle, you’ll hardly know it happened.

    Party Gaming uses Vegas-style rules in its Multi-hand Blackjack, which we’ve outlined previously on their pages, but will run through quickly for the sake of priming you quickly:

    • Dealer draws on a soft 17, and stands on a hard 17.
    • Splitting is allowed, but only once.
    • Doubling down is allowed on any two initial cards.
    • One card will be delivered to split Aces and after a double down. Cards will be given freely in all other situations unless a player busts or decides to stand.
    • Dealer peeks for blackjack.
    • Both surrender and insurance are offered as optional features.

    Party Gaming has a wide variety of Blackjack games, including a Multi-hand Blackjack Pro version that allows you to customize your table, cards, and style—and that may be just the change of scenery you need to get your winning streak going.

    Multi-Hand Blackjack is also available in a no-download version at our favorite Party Gaming Casinos below.


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