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    Blackjack and side wagers go together like chocolate and peanut butter-both nice by themselves, but absolutely fantastic together.

    Granted, it wouldn’t be a side wager if it was by itself, but you get the idea. Party Gaming presents its Blackjack Bonus Pairs great odds and great features, like surrender, high table limits, and lightening-quick play.

    Your initial bet for this game must fall between $1 and $200 (or whatever you imagine your chip currency to be). Should you double or split your cards, you will be allowed to wager more, even if you maxed out your initial wager.

    You don’t have to make the Bonus Pairs side wager if you don’t want to, but you will have to make the game wager first if you do.

    Party Gaming gives you 8 decks of 52 cards to play with in their Bonus Pairs Blackjack, and they’ll reshuffle around the point when 20% of the stack has been used. Vegas-style rules apply, which means you can Double Down without restrictions on your initial hand.

    Taking a slight departure from Party Gaming’s general blackjack rules, you can split up to three times in Bonus Pairs Blackjack (up from the one-time split rule normally in place).

    Making the Bonus Pairs side bet is the name of the game. Your wager is placed on the chance that your initial two cards contain a pair. If it does, you’ll be paid out according to the following pay table:

    • A pair containing the same value, but different colors will pay out 6:1.
    • A pair of the same colors, but not the same suit will pay 12:1
    • An exact pair (same value, same suit) will pay a delicious 25:1

    It’s worth slipping a little something into this side wager each time you play. Keep in mind that as soon as it’s determined you do not have a pair, the bet is swept away immediately. The rest of the Bonus Pairs Blackjack game carries on as usual from that point.


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