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    Play Single Player Blackjack single-handedly with a wide range of table bets from $1 to $500 at Party Gaming Casinos. Surrender, insurance, splits, and double downs are all available without restrictions (well, no more than usual) in this classic Vegas-style game.

    As mentioned above, table wagers will start at $1. Maximum bets are $500 for your initial wager; you’ll be able to stake more for splits and doubles as long as you’ve got the cash to support it. Chips sizes are $1, $5, $25, $100 and $500.

    There are eight decks of 52 cards in the Single Player Blackjack stack, which is reshuffled after 10% of the cards have been in play (about 42 cards). Since Vegas-style rules apply, you can expect the following:

    • The Dealer will draw on a soft 17 (total including Ace) and hit on a hard 17 (total not including an Ace).
    • Insurance is offered when the Dealer shows an Ace.
    • Surrender is always offered with the initial two cards.
    • Splitting is permissible up to three times, if you’ve got the cards and the money in the bank to create the additional wagers. You can draw as many cards as you need to complete the hand, except with split Aces-then you’ll only get one and be forced to Stand.
    • The ability to Double Down is unrestricted, so you won’t need a particular two-card total like you need with European Rules. However, with doubling, you are only allowed one more card to your hand.

    It’s like any classic blackjack game, simply deisgned and simply executed. Party Gaming calls it Blackjack Single Player to differentiate the game from its Multi-player blackjack games available at its casinos.


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