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    nemesis_games_casinos_soft_pageFounded in 2018 by a group of professionals from the iGaming industry, Nemesis Games Studio enjoys a fierce reputation in the market as a game design and development company that is constantly aiming to revolutionize the entertainment.

    As a leading creative content studio from Timisoara, Romania, the brand keeps a steady flow of appealing gaming solutions and regularly updates its portfolio with innovative titles, optimized to suit every customer, device, platform owner, entrepreneur or aggregator.

    To make its products highly recognizable in the competitive software market, Nemesis Games managed to gather a team of creative 3D artists, designers, musicians, illustrators, mathematicians and gamers, whose unique ideas ultimately turn small flames into monumental bonfires.

    Thanks to high grades of customization, focus on in-depth graphic design and careful game assembly through an internal framework, the company has delivered 17 games of different themes in high resolution until 2021, certified in accordance with international safety standards and proofed for quality by iTech Labs.

    Nemesis specializes in adapting the user experience on cross-platforms, making it available for both desktop and mobile users.

    The Development Process

    The process of creating slot machines at Nemesis Games is accomplished through several stages. As with all great projects, the company starts with an idea and single paper sketches. Developing 2D and 3D models continues with research during the next step, where game engineers evolve a new, original synopsis to bring a refreshing concept to the market.

    The next two steps include careful planning and analyzing of the project’s potential in the iGaming industry as a whole, only to continue with further development of avatars, characters, environments and technology.

    Before integrating a game with aggregators through its own API, the studio puts much accent on advertising, providing its future and ongoing partners with the whole packaging of pictures, images, sounds and videos.

    As a final result, it's all about the experiences, and Nemesis GS constantly evolves its hi-tech solutions to ensure players discover a new side of iGaming, filled with interesting payout schemes, new rules of engagement, mind-blowing winning patterns and rock-solid mechanics.

    Diversity of Themes

    the_development_process_soft_pageUp until 2021, the provider has had 17 games in its portfolio, each featuring a different theme to answer the growing demand for innovation among players. Among the first products to go live were Legacy of Vlad and Gods of Time – action-packed slots with high levels of fantasy based on myth and a popular novel.

    For example, God of Time will let you explore an ancient Egyptian temple in search of the secret chamber of time, while Legacy of Vlad takes you to the dreadful cathedral of St. Ekaterina where spirits inhabit the ruin to mourn the tragic love between count Dracula and his beloved fiancé.

    Despite their solid performance on the market, Nemesis GS continued to upgrade the catalog over the years with other original titles, featuring a rich diversity of themes such as Jungle Party, Aliens & Mushrooms, Heisenberg, Creepy Circus, Star Fruits Forever, Under a Burning Sky and more.

    Some releases draw inspiration from the Old West, Arabia, piracy, candies or fruits, promoting a variety of colorful graphics, characters, symbols and animations. Another good example would be Wrath of Ymir, inspired by the ancestor of giants from Nordic legends, Neon Blast, an intergalactic 3x5 arcade with MelodyReels, as well as Lucky 7 – a fantasy world with castles, quatrefoils and a bonus game. Here is what else you may find in the catalog:

    • Hospital
    • Hope
    • Breaking Xmas
    • Starfruits Forever
    • Cookies and Candies
    • Captain’s Revenge
    • Arabian Gold

    Licensing and Partners

    At the beginning of October 2021, Nemesis Games Studio entered into a partnership with VinciTu and Pixelo, a gaming platform and technology provider. This collaboration marked an important step for the company, as it is now present in the Italian market too.

    Under the terms of this agreement, the Romanian game studio aimed to deliver 30 titles by the end of the year, including engagement tools for the operators and player retention. This strategy should also enable Nemesis to compete with the largest international bookmakers in Italy, and also bring customers a unique and exciting experience along the way.

    Among the company’s partners are get’s bet, OA services ltd, exalogic and Nazionale Elettronica Italian Gaming, innovators of computer appliance, gaming software and entertainment services. Other relevant collaborations range from national to international service providers, as well as software manufacturers and important players in the online gaming sector.

    Having secured a license to provide its games in Romania in October 2021, Nemesis made another huge step towards claiming a larger international footprint. As stated by the company, its goal is to always look for new outlets in interesting, regulated markets where it can entertain players with fresh and innovative slots.

    Quality and Certification

    To deliver quality since day 1, Nemesis Games Studio established a partnership with iTech Labs, one of the leading accredited testing laboratories for the certification. Why? The short answer is that the software company takes pride in developing a range of products in accordance with the highest quality standards, guarantee their reliability.

    As a full-fledged testing and certification laboratory that operates worldwide, iTech Labs runs game rule evaluations to verify that the game matches public details, performs functional testing of all game features, verification and historical data, carries out game emulation tests, makes RTP calculations and more.

    To maintain and improve its quality over time, however, Nemesis develops its games to the smallest detail and in full compliance with country regulations for greater user enjoyment. Each slot machine is designed by a team of professionals who aim to meet the taste of the players by diversifying the mechanics and design.

    The provider’s focus is on quality, since this hallmark makes all content stand out and create new possibilities for collaboration with the sector’s best operators. This Romanian developer has even acquired certification for the international safety standards ISO90001 and 27001, a real guarantee of quality and reliability.

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