• FUGA Casinos

    The two things that a software company really needs to be successful in the modern era is a solid portfolio of titles and a reputation for quality games. FUGA Gaming has managed to develop both since they first opened their doors in the third quarter of 2014. With offices in London, England, they've built up a solid reputation for land-based titles and have successfully switched over to building games for the online environment.

    HTML5 Supported

    First and foremost, they've made all of their games in HTML5, and that has put them in a position to make content distribution deals and partnerships with companies like Odobo to get their games in front of more players much more quickly than they would have been able to without it. One reason this works so well is because it's an extremely flexible platform that allows their games to run on virtually any type of computer, regardless of brand or operating system. No download is required to play their titles, and that puts them right up there with the best in the industry on a technological level.

    Game Quality

    This company focuses completely on slots, and the quality of their games is pretty strong. They use a lot of different themes and general motifs for their titles, and they approach different slots with different styles of graphics as needed to fit the overall look and feel of what they're producing. It's a pretty smart way to do things, and it puts players in a position of not feeling like they're getting the same game over and over with a different paint job.

    Along with this is how they include different types of features in their titles to mix things up as well. We've seen a pretty wide range of feature and bonus round types in what they have to offer, and that's important for the sake of variety, but it's also important because they understand that the features a game offers has a direct impact on the quality of the gameplay experience.

    Tie-ins With Land-Based Games

    As you would expect with any online slot developer that has produced dozens of games for the land-based arena, they use their prior experience making titles for game cabinets in their online endeavors. They also offer services where they will create online versions of existing land-based titles for other companies, but those aren't necessarily ran under the FUGA Gaming banner.

    There's a definite connection between the two sectors for this company, but they aren't just porting over their land-based titles into the online arena like many other developers do. They're putting together fresh and new concepts for their Internet branch, and that's the time of thing that will help to keep players interested in what they have to offer in the long run since they're thinking actively about how to do better and better instead of resting on their laurels and repeating the games that they've already developed.