• Ever88 Casinos

    ever88_software_reviewThis is what we call a true veteran of the iGaming business! Ever88 is a designer of online casino games, established way back in 1998, before a good number of those who are playing their games now, were even born. When they just started it’s gaming journey, they were known under the name CGTV Games.

    After sometime, the company needed to hit the restart button, so it rebranded into Ever88, how we call them today. The brand is trying to preserve the classic look of the games, so the majority of their slots and table games looks like it fell from the ’80. Nevertheless, Ever88 is maybe cherishing the old design , but the technology and the quality of their gaming are pretty up-to-date. Let’s look closer at the content library of this old-school supplier.

    Game Selection

    You don’t need to spend much time inside Ever88’s gaming lobby to understand that their team of developers appreciates the vintage style. Every single game they made is gonna make you recall those good times when games were not available on every single device. Back in the times when it was quite an adventure to get your hands on any kind of entertaining content.

    Specifically, in this brand's games, you will see a lot of fruits, bars, a lot of colors, old, popular text fonts, outdated soundtracks...in short terms- you will have a blast from the past.

    There are a lot of classical fruit theme slots, but you can find something more up-to-date as Oriental, Halloween, and adventure slots as Dragon Lair, for example. One of the oldest games, not just in their portfolio, but in the whole iGaming universe is Ball Fever, a simple but highly entertaining machine, still loved and played by many.

    When it comes to game features...

    mobile_gaming (3)...things are not looking bad at all. Taking that a lot of the games are decades old, the game boosters are quite hefty; Wilds, Scatters, extra spins, progressive jackpots, everything that makes a good and exciting game.

    Slot seekers can look forward to Ever88’s game room, but so as the table game enthusiasts - they have a reason to be joyful. In addition to the most popular game format –the slots, there are a lot of standard casino games such as roulette, poker, and blackjack, with many available variations on each of those games.

    Mobile Gaming

    Maybe the games look old, but they have a modern twist! Besides the latest features and smooth gameplay, all the games are optimized for playing on every remote device. Picture this – you are playing a true casino classic, Ball Fever, on a super modern smartphone with 6 available cameras, superzoom lenses, and who knows what more... the most realistic clash of the old times and the technology era, isn’t it? We recommend you try it, it’s a unique experience.


    Taking into matter how long this brand is present on the iGaming scene, how much they fought to get where they are now, how loved their games are, and what kind of technology leaps they had to face and integrate into their content... they deserve everyone’s respect and admiration. We wish them nothing but success in the future!