• Distance Gaming Casinos

    distance_gaming_gcUnfortunately for land-based casino establishments, the gambling world is rapidly changing. Since the first launchings of online casinos, the good, old memories about brick-and-mortar entertaining centers began to fade. But, this coin has two sides; yes, the virtual casinos are much more convenient and accessible, but, they can simply never give you the same thrill as massive, shiny, lively casino halls can. Many operators are trying to solve this problem, to find a way how to light up that unforgettable, land-based atmosphere. Amongst many, there is Distance Gaming, also known as VueTec. 

    Distance Gaming’s skilled team...

    ... has more than 50 years of experience in the casino industry. The leading crew of VueTec marked multiple successes in many different land-based gambling operations. Following the trends in the business, the team decided to collect all their knowledge, and develop a platform that will be realistic enough, for players to forget all about visiting real deal venues. All their hopes and dreams are put together in Distance Gaming Software, a platform that imitates a real casino atmosphere, available for all who have a smart device and an Internet connection.

    Is the online version good enough to keep the players away from land-based casinos?

    General Appearance

    So, we have a live dealer’s provider on the table, which tries hard, for years now, to bring that exciting Las Vegas vibe into our PCs and remote devices. Many had tried this already, and lots of them couldn't mark any significant successes. The prime, most important things, when it comes to live casino games, are trained, professional dealers, good camera work, and well-equipped studios. If the software provides manage to make these three things work, they are in for a serious game.

    Now, when we thoroughly investigated Distance software, we can conclude that these guys are not bad. VueTec company did a great job and managed to put in order a quite powerful online platform that involves recording games in genuine casinos (not arranged studios), getting together a group of experienced croupiers, and offering a fine range of table games.

    Yet, the video quality and camera works are a bit questionable. Considering the experience of the leading team of the brand, we frankly, expected more. The graphics can be better, the angles can be closer, generally, and the whole video idea is somewhat strange. Assuming that the brand is trying to present the most realistic land casino ambiance, these facts are certainly not helping them achieve that goal.

    Mobile Casino

    Fortunately, no bigger complaints in the mobile section. The Distance Gaming software is written in Java, meaning that the fans of remote play can consume the live games on their smartphones and tablets. However, Java is not the most modern solution; therefore, it’s not providing the same smoothness of the gameplay as the HTML5 platform would. Hand on the heart, we had no problems with launching the games, there was no lagging also, but the graphics could be more polished. 


    We must look at the whole picture here. Distance gaming software does have some flaws, nothing to be too worried about, but it does. However, Vuetec is a respected, experienced brand with a bunch of successful years and achievements behind them. Not only are they specialized in creating software and hardware equipment for land-based casinos, but they were brave enough to step inside the virtual world, and expand their services. Thanks to their hard work, they entered multiple markets. When we take everything into account, the problem with graphics and camera angles seems very small. And it is, compared to all the successes this brand had and will have.