Mariachi Mayhem

1.8 /5
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    Video slots
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The Mariachi Mayhem slot, available at The Games Company casinos, has a fun mariachi band theme with accompanying music and sound effects. This game is feature-driven overall, but the main pay table is pretty solid as well. This creates an action-oriented style of gameplay. With that having been said, if you don't care so much for the music and sound effects, you can turn them off and still enjoy the strong, 3D graphics along with the particularly good gameplay style.

Game Layout

The basic format for this game uses five reels, three rows and 20 paylines. The paylines pay from left to right only. You can't change the number of lines, but you can pick from a variety of different bet sizes starting at $0.20 per spin. The game is designed to let you go up to $400 per turn, but some casinos will cap the available bet sizes at $100 or $200 instead to limit their own risk in the case of lots of high roller play. This means that players at every level of stakes will have sizes accessible to them that fit their bankrolls.

Wild Symbols and Payouts

In this game, the wild symbol has the word wild in light blue letters on a purple background with a red and gold trim. The only payout just for the wild is for five of a kind on a payline. When you line this up, you'll get a 500x payout, which is one of the larger wins in the game. The reason it doesn't offer smaller pays for three of a kind or four of a kind is because these combinations would give you four-of-a-kind and five-of-a-kind payouts for another symbol instead.

Scattered Maracas Symbols and Free Spins

If you get three or more of the scattered maracas symbols, no matter where they appear on the reels, then you'll get a shot at some free spins. The number of free spins you get is random, and you'll just play them out normally without any multipliers or anything. This may sound like a drag, but there are several other features that keep this game exciting.

Mariachi Feature

On random spins, the mariachi band will appear and play a song while giving you a random feature. You can get a mariachi re-spin for one of those features, which has a colossal symbol re-spin randomly into a different symbol to give you extra wins, and this can happen over and over again on the same feature.

Another option is the wild reels feature. This gives you a chance to have one or more reels turned completely wild, and the other reels will spin normally to give you shots at easier and bigger payouts. Finally, you have the stepping colossal symbol that has an oversized symbol moving to the left, leaving behind wild symbols on the reels it leaves behind. This continues until that symbol ends up on the first reel.

Other Payouts and Wins

The top prize in this game is for five of the yellow sombrero, and you'll get 500x just like you will for five of the wild. You can also earn a 300x payout if you line up five of the red sombrero on an activated payline as well. Wins of 250x and 200x are yours for the dark blue and cyan sombreros (the cyan is the light blue or "Carolina" blue).

Six different card rank symbols make up the lower six symbols in this slot. The red A will earn 150x for five, and five of the purple K is worth 100x. A win of 75x will be yours if you line up five of a kind of the orange Q or the blue J, and you can win 50x with five-of-a-kind combinations of the yellow 10 and green 9 symbols as well.


The musical theme of the Mariachi Mayhem slot may not be for all players, but The Games Company has made it so that you can easily turn off that portion of the experience. Instead of relying on music for the gameplay, you'll get great features and an excellent visual appear with a good mix of standard and 3D graphics. The top pays in this game come from multi-line payouts in the bonus features, but the rest of the normal pay table is very balanced with lots of mid-level wins and a high hit-rate.

By Jesse Eddleman