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With a Steampunk theme and approach, the Steampunk 500 online slot from Spinstars has a plethora of opportunities and decisions on offer. The title features 4 reels and a basic game with 3 non-identical bet levels which impact the gameplay experience.

There’s a little bit of everything for all kinds of players, whether you prefer low volatility or higher risk. All of the features present tie to the steampunk approach in one way or the other, let’s find out more.

Theme and Symbols

This company did an amazing job by putting the whole steampunk idea into realization. The setting is literally a steampunk slot machine with a touch of old school spinning decorations.

However, slightly unusual, there are two Panther statues on top of the machine. It might become a bit more understandable later on in the features panel but, for now, let’s check out the rest of the game.

The pay table consists of Lucky 7’s, Stars, Hats, Cogwheels, DIamonds and 3 Fruit Icons such as Watermelons, Grapes and Cherries. The Panther is the Criss-Cross Symbol, appearing on adjacent reels to form a winning combination.

Betting Options and Features

Steampunk 500 online slot comes with 4 reels and 3 different bet levels which change the stake value, volatility and also RTP.

Bet 1 - 1 credit on 3 reels and 1 pay line with low volatility.

Bet 5 - Wagers 5 credits on 3 reels with 5 active win lines. Medium Volatility.

Bet 10 - 10 Credits across 4 reels with 10 active pay lines and a highly volatility model.

Bet 20 - everything is the same as the Bet 10 with the only exception being 20 credits.

Regarding the game’s best odds, the basic game has an average return to a player of 96% but, however, choosing higher stakes increases the number. According to the provider, the highest win is 500 credits.

First feature to be covered is the Hold option which many classic punters will surely enjoy as it allows you to hold certain reels whilst the remaining ones respin, providing an additional chance to land a win.

High Pressure - The feature is activated when 3 Criss-Cross Panthers form a winning combination. The round consists of either 2 or 4 lives ( Light Bulbs ) and one is lost each time the Cogwheel symbols appear, unless there is a winning combination going on.

Of course, lives are restored whenever a win occurs.

Red/Black Feature - works in a sort of the same way as any other card Gamble Feature and allows you to double or nothing your current winnings.

Wrapping Up

All things taken into consideration, the Steampunk 500 online slot is truly a great experience that combines classic gameplay with plenty of opportunities for all kinds of punters. All that is left for you to do is to choose your strategy and steam on!

Author: GamesAndCasino
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