Wager2Go Slots

Wager2go Slot
Wager2Go is a Canadian company, holding their offices in Toronto. Passion for the craft and their desire to add a bit of unique gaming to the scene are the two driving forces behind the company. And that unique style really does shine through with their games. The company has been in business since 2012, growing and expanding slow but steady.

A few table games and dozens of video poker titles spice up he selection of games just enough. Besides these games that are offered directly to the player, the company also produces software solutions for online casinos. They are also dabbling in bespoke game development. Wager2Go games are fully compatible with most mobile devices.

Video poker is always in style

Video poker is perhaps the classic of the classic games. These games combine poker and video slots into an amazing gaming experience, and through Wager2Go you can experience dozens of different games.

Most of these games come with a high RTP and a familiar payout table. There are a few surprises in the mix that offer a bit more than we are used to. For table games, blackjack and baccarat are always stable choices.

Peculiar scenes and terrific themes

The graphical look and feel, and indeed the whole theme is often quite strange with Wager2Go games. There’s a certain style that has been employed, which is certainly unique, if not for everyone. Somehow, they remind us of puppet shows. Not that all of the games come with such graphics and animations.

There’s plenty of themes that draw inspiration from our usual sources: superheroes, ancient gods, climbing mountains and skiing them down, or just different riches, treasures and common and popular culture. You’ve got both familiar and unfamiliar themes here, and what more can you really ask for?

Colorful games full of action and content

It’s not for nothing that the company is proud of its unique style. We’ve mentioned the themes above, but it’s really the graphical style that makes these titles what they are. Often, these games feel a bit crowded until you realize just how many details and surprises the graphics often hold.

This also comes in the form of audio effects as well as animations. The latter adds a good bit of fun to the reels, even when you are not winning. There is always something going on, even when the reels are not spinning. Yet, somehow these games are still perfect for mobile devices.

Full of features and wins

All of the above would be for nothing if the games wouldn’t offer some wins and features to enjoy. And that is indeed what you are going to get in Wager2Go titles. There aren’t really any progressive jackpots available, but that doesn’t mean the wins don’t reach sky high.

The most common features come in the form of multipliers. These applied to the basic wins is enough to make the spins worth it. You’ll also have the usual scatters, wilds, bonus games and other features at your use, depending on the title of course. Have a look and get to know something unique!