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    Wager2Go SoftwareOntario, Canada is home to Wager2Go headquarters. The company was established in 2012, though it seems to have operated in some startup phase before this. Like all gaming companies, Wager2Go is quite well connected with the international casino network despite their small size. At the moment their games are not as widely available as one would hope.

    The company seeks to stand out amongst its competitors by its unique products, mentality, style and consistency. This applies to both online casinos as their partners and the players who play the slots and other games. Quality and surprising themes have allowed the company to build up a sizeable fanbase already.

    From Toronto to the world

    Quality and high standards alone is usually enough to take even mediocre products quite far. The slots themselves being crafted with more care than some others put in a dozen, it’s quite clear that the combination of these is what’s driving the spread and popularity of Wager2Go slots.

    As casinos are no longer physically constrained, and neither are players, it’s no surprise that mobile devices have received great attention over at the company. Deeper software solutions offer compatibility with thousands of devices and access to all sorts of player data. Ultimately, the purpose is to build customer loyalty so that they will choose to spend another moment with Wager2Go slots.

    A serving of table games and poker accompanied by slots

    All sorts of crazy slot themes are counterbalanced by a cool selection of chilly table games. Blackjack and baccarat compete for attention with a rather large selection of video poker titles. These are perhaps the hidden gem of Wager2Go, as games like Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, and Jacks or Better, are not available through many other sources.

    There are dozens of slots that offer a hilarious, gruesome or some other fantastic theme that offers exactly what you wouldn’t expect from a slot game. Some of these are one-hit wonders, while others call for more spins. Graphics and animations add an extra layer of entertainment and guarantee that the games are as unique as Wager2Go claims them to be.

    Services centered around the player

    There’s a lot of software and hardware running behind every online casino, and Wager2Go has a lot invested in different software solutions. Their support for mobile devices goes beyond HTML5 and web browsers: the games are often built to suit the specifications provided by operators and phone manufacturers. Guaranteed compatibility in over a hundred countries is promised. Security and safety are guaranteed for the games as well, with every spin recorded and available for review.

    A lot of the company solutions are aimed at offering the customer more services, more opportunities and more entertainment. Services come via their mobile support, entertainment via games, and opportunities via the ability for online casinos to tailor bonuses and promotions towards individual customers.

    We suggest giving this company a look as soon as it is available in an online casino near you.

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