TrueLab Games

TrueLab Games Slots

TrueLab is a small-scale slot developer from Malta with big dreams, some of which have already come true. The company already holds a licence from Malta Gaming Authority, making it an excellent fit for all regulated online casinos. Their selection of games might still be somewhat limited in size, but the scope of themes and special features presents players with more than enough fun to spin about.

Interestingly enough, TrueLab seems to be just part of the bigger True Flip group of companies. These not only provide players with casino games, but are expanding into running online casinos, platforms and partnering up with all the other remarkable gaming companies. What the future holds for them is still a big question mark, with the progress so far being pretty promising. Let’s take a look at what sort of online slots all this has resulted in.

About the Themes and Graphics

Themes and GraphicsCrazy Mix is not only a slot itself, but also a pretty good description of what’s going on with the themes for TrueLab Games online slots. This game itself brings a lot of beach activities on the screen, whereas Micropirates & the Kraken of the Caribbean takes to the wild seas to plunder and sing sea shanties. Sunstrike Respin takes us on a wild journey across the stars and space, whilst Viking Runes looks at the past. Startup Valley, Mining Factory and Robby the Illusionist are without a doubt one-of-a kind each, and something you should check out personally.

Background pictures and other pieces of art that popup here and there are quite stunning, with the graphics on reels faring no worse. Each game comes with a set of unique symbols, easily identified. The games also look pretty stunning on mobile devices. The layout and interface is intuitive, giving you a superb setup for spinning the reels.

Engaging Product Design

Product DesignWith paylines as the basis of determining wins, not only on these slots but across the whole casino industry, one needs to be able to differentiate their games from those of other producers. That’s really what product design is all about when it comes to casino games. So then, what does all this mean for TrueLab Games? How do they and their games stand out from all the others?

Special features are one of the main ways to go about this problem, and that seems to be the main way for TrueLab Games too. It’s not enough to just have bonus spins, or other similar features. They need to come either with something new, or be integrated in such a way that they are essential to the gameplay. In these slots, you get a bit of both. For example, bonus spins are earned by levelling up characters, which means it’s not just a random chance per spin.

Or, in a similar manner you can get unique modifiers on the reels. Extra wilds, mystery symbols or multipliers, con wins, and such. Quite often all of these are baked into the bonus spins in one form of another.

Low Variance is Still a Thing?

Truthfully, pretty much all the slot producers have moved onto high variance. This means that the games come with massive one hit wins, but likewise those wins hit with extremely low frequencies. Usually, all the other wins are quite small too, meaning that it’s almost like you’re playing for progressive jackpots each and every time.

TureLab Games has dared to go the other way. Of course, you are going to find a title or two that got those superb big prizes, but there are plenty of games that go for either low or medium variance wins. They often also incorporate a chance to go a tad bit above the average there via the special features we mentioned earlier. This allows for 10 000 x the bet wins even in titles that otherwise pay up to a few hundred times your bet for the best symbol combination.

And all of this also enjoys some pretty high RTPs. Though do keep an eye out, as the company allows casinos to opt for lower settings here too. Make sure to read up on the rules when firing up these games, or simply pick one of our suggested online casinos. The thing with these games is that they seem to gather to pretty much everyone’s taste, and they do it with style that has you coming back out of pure interest.