Stormcraft Studios

Stormcraft Studios Slots

Stormcraft Studios slotsStormcraft produces games exclusively for Microgaming(at least for now). They originate from South Africa, where they have had their offices since they opened them up in 2016. The company might be new, but the team behind it is full of industry experts. They have previously worked on great many Microgaming titles, such as Immortal Romance and Jurassic Park, which should attest to the kind of quality you can expect here.

The company has quite a slow slot release schedule, though signs would point on it picking up speed. The staff is dedicated to quality products, which comes with innovation and a unique graphical look. Not to mention the music and sound effects. In short, if you are looking for engaging slots that deliver entertainment beyond rolling reel, then Stormcraft Studios is a company that you might want to check out.

Exploring a variety of themes

Whether it’s a slick adventure set in the world of espionage, a search for mysterious symbols in the bowls of a steampunk city, or a fight against dragons in elvish forests, you are sure to enjoy it. None of the games from this producer feels the same. Each slot seems to be unique when it comes to things like graphics and sound effects, nothing is recycled from one slot to another.

Now, when it comes to things like payouts, special features and paylines there’s, of course, a lot of overlap. This is only natural. But given how big of a company Microgaming is(and they are releasing these slots), it’s quite exciting to realise that all of these slots are able to deliver something new and interesting. No two games are alike. So far the company hasn’t dabbled in games outside slots, but perhaps we will see table games and such from them in the future.

Return to player above average

They wouldn’t be a modern company(even with mobile slots) if they hadn’t realised that payouts have gone up a lot since the first slot machines. Today the average is 96%, and this company’s games always go above that. When playing Stormctaft slots you are sure to always get a good return…

...with all volatility settings

The games do not seem to follow a single mathematical formula any more than they would follow graphical guidelines. The company produces, low, medium and high volatility slots, and no doubt they will add mixes of these in their future releases. This makes it even easier to choose a game from this producer, as even with their small collection they seem to have all bases covered.

A mix of special features

Last but not least, even the special features come in surprising mixes. Bonus games are a given, as there’s hardly a slot in existence without them. However, the company doesn’t stop with simple things like some free rounds. Usually, things are spiced up a lot with added features like wild reels, stacked symbols, or extra multipliers. There’s really no one way that they go about things. You should simply take a look. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!