Spigo Slots

Spigo-Slots-PageHailing from Denmark, Spigo is a relatively small online casino software company that first started off all the way back in 2006. Nowadays, they have offices in Malta and Miami, as well, but back in the day, their beginnings included creating numerous community games websites for different markers, catering to multilingual challenges.

They still don’t work for other major players in the field, and they are fully independent, which is quite a rare thing these days. Once they did provide entertainment for more than 25 million users, but they then decided it was time to move on

In 2012, they went through a major makeover and started shifting their focus on mobile device users, along with huge steps into the social gaming area.

Driven by a vision of top-notch quality, these guys simply won’t budge and their mission is to provide only the best slots they can. They are motivated by versatility and are very big on security, so that’s why they operate under licenses issued by the Danish Gaming Authority and Malta Gaming Authority.

Besides the games, Spigo also offers some state-of-the-art solutions for online casinos, including SpigoHammer, SpigoStation, and SpigoBuilder. These are ready made products for online betting venues, designed to make lives easier.

SpigoGammer is actually a proprietary game development kit which can be used as a backbone for a modern browser-based online casino, SpigoStation is actually the back-end office with a cloud-based platform and multiple integration platforms, while the SpigoBuilder is a comprehensive tool devised to design games from scratch.


The portfolio isn’t the largest we’ve seen around but it has some really neat and sweet games, including Diamonds, Freecell, 7 Solitaire, Backgammon, Bingo, Tivoli, Fruits, Yatzy, Hearts, Ludo, Spider, Zoo, Tropicana, Showers, Starlight, Yukon21, Hat Trick, and Showers Circus Edition.

As you can see, there are many different themes and styles covered over here, from the titles with rich brick-and-mortar casino heritage such as Freecell or Hearts too much modern video slot titles like Showers or Starlight.

Tivoli takes you back to 1920s when ferris wheels, candy floss, and bumper cars were all the rage, while Showers basically takes you to the hottest party in the world, you just need to jump in the water with all the girls in bikinis.

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, diversity is the key here.

Our Thoughts

Spigo has found its place under the sun, in spite of the fact that they are still an independent, small online gambling software company. They have found their own niche and they’re slowly building a solid fan base.

If they continue like this, their future surely does look bright.