• Spigo Casinos


    Spigo has roots deep in the social gaming scene. The started out by offering community games via several websites, which still remain popular in Europe and USA. Their sites cover dozens of countries and even more languages, with tens of millions of users. This is the experience they were drawing from when they first entered the online casino markets, or more specifically slot design.

    Since the company can clearly run the above, it is no surprise that their back-end solutions and games have quickly spread through all high-quality casinos. The company adheres to Danish and Maltese gambling laws, and as thus operates with authority throughout Europe. 

    Quality mobile and social gaming

    With 25 million players you can say, with some authority, that you do know what you are doing. However, that doesn’t translate into 25 million slot players, not yet anyhow. The experience that this has given puts the company and its staff in a somewhat unique position. Quite a few companies and casinos are experimenting with slot tournaments and such, but none other has the same background as Spigo as a true social gaming platform developer.

    Now, if you’ve ever used any such service as Spigo provides, you know that they are perfectly fit for mobile devices. Five minutes of fun as you wait for the bus to arrive, or some entertainment to an otherwise boring situation. This is what the company brings to the slot markets.

    Services for operators and other game developers

    The three core services that the company offers, not counting their games, are the SpigoBuilder, SpigoHammer and SpigoStation. These are the tools that the company has created to help with building and managing casino games. Buzzwords like HTML5 or mobile compatibility is the jargon of amateurs for these guys. They go way deeper into the tech. You can read more about how it all works over at Spigo’s homepage.

    The cost of a slot

    You rarely get a hand on these sort of numbers. Spigo is very forthcoming with the info. For ten thousand euros they will build you online casino or another software provider a basic slot. This sort of game then comes with a multitude of payline options, three bonus features, and the usual wilds and scatters. This is your basic run-of-the-mill slot, the sort of which need to stand out through some unique connection. Such as games designed directly for online casinos.

    Depends on how deep you dive into the quality

    Or, you can pay for man-hours and the price starts from around 28 000 euro. These slots, which Spigo terms v2 slot machines, start from a blank canvas and are molded to the exact specifications of the customer's needs and wants. Latest bonus features, reel innovations, and wilds ideas included. 

    This is also the quality of slots that you get when you play Spigo’s own releases. We recommend you take a look at what the company offers.