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RFranco Group Slots

RFranco Games SlotsR Franco is honestly something that you are not going to run into all that often, lest things take a rather drastic turn. The company does provide solutions for both online and land-based operations, though over the time they have veered further and further away from actual game production. This is why you won’t be finding much in the way of slots when it comes to them, though obviously some games do still exist. Although, lately they have been ramping up their online presence with some rather interesting new games.

Despite the fact that it’s not at the core of what the company offers, it is still something that pops around here and there. And over time R Franco has managed to come up with quite a portfolio of games, which offers a lot more than just slots. Video bingo, video poker, mini-games, table games and plenty of other surprises await. The company itself is licensed and certified in Spain, which also happens to be its main market area. If you do find yourself in an online casino that offers these products we suggest you give them a try.

Popular Themes

RFranco Games ThemesFor the size of the collection of online slots available the variety of themes is quite surprising. Once again, it’s quite evident that quality trumps over quantity. Not only does this mean that you get to enjoy different themes, but each one of those actually comes with a pretty unique style and way of doing things.

For example, Buttom’s World has a pretty neat setting based on rag dolls, with some pretty groundbreaking 3D graphics that look good even on mobile casinos and devices. Book of Fruits is pretty obvious when it comes to symbols, but there’s a set of neon colours and some other surprises to elevate it all into another level. Sabin of Chazos on the other hand does wonders with animations and a different colour scheme. Overall, the newer line of games will not be disappointing anyone.

Slot Features

Bonus features in R Franco online slots are quite varied, even though they seem to trust in a few true and tested methods of going about business. Bonus spins are an obvious part of the selection, often accompanies by mystery symbols, expanding wilds, or some such addition that makes it even easier to score wins.

Some games, like Timelab, come with features that are themed to fit the overall subject. It also means these specials are a bit more complex, often with levels, collectable symbols and more. You’re more likely to run into online slots with several features, rather than just one or two. 


R Franco games are definitely a great addition to any online casino. For players, they offer many unique takes on online slots, something that is harder and harder to find in a market saturated with thousands of games. The company itself has mostly been interested in Spanish markets, though lately they have expanded to Latin American casino markets. One thing we haven’t mentioned yet, but we know players will love, are the superb prizes found in the paytables. Combined with the high RTP, you’re as good playing these games as any other.