• R Franco Digital CDO Speaks at Juegos Miami Conference

    04 June 2017


    A lot of the focus in the online gambling world, at least on the legislation and regulation side, is in Europe right now. However, sometimes it's easy to forget that there are emerging markets in many other parts of the world, and Latin America is a great example of that. R Franco Digital, the largest omni-channel supplier in Spain, recently sent their Chief Digital Officer Alejandro Casanova to speak at the Juegos Miami Conference in Miami, Florida, to speak on this particular topic.

    Highlights of the Panel

    The panel that Casanova was a part of was focused on emerging Latin American markets and how companies can service them. He also went into depth on how the R Franco Digital products can help, including Mediatech's IRIS Core Gaming Platform, which is a part of a recent acquisition that saw the former purchase the latter company. It's a very exciting time to focus on the Latin American market because they're right on the verge of seeing a lot of regulatory activity, much like the case was with Europe a number of years ago.

    What Emerging Markets Mean

    When regulated markets are first getting a foothold, there are a number of exciting things that happen. First and foremost, players get access to regulated games in a safe and monitored environment that gives them the opportunity to play what they want for the stakes they want without feeling like they are on their own if they don't get paid out when they're supposed to. Second, it creates a type of strategic game in which different companies try to get their own footholds in different countries and their respective regulated markets.

    What Comes Next

    As Casanova pointed out in his presentation as part of a panel on the subject, the key is for operators to have the ability to adapt to the different market conditions in this part of the world. Culturally, they are much different than most of Europe, so applying the same strategies won't necessarily work. Instead, it's up to them to find a way to adapt to this new potential userbase.


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