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Many times we have used the word innovative in the context of describing new software development companies, but now we use it in a special tone. Because RAW iGaming studio creates TRULY unique, fresh, and previously unseen online casino content.

As an introduction to the story of their products, we will turn briefly at the history of this provider. RAW iGaming officially opened the doors of its company in 2021 and released the first game a little more than a year later. Therefore, RAW did not rush to release a product at all costs, but took time and dedicated itself to creating content that will contribute to the overall quality and diversity of the iGaming industry.

Although the company under this name has existed for a relatively short time, the key people responsible for the creation of the brand have a lot of experience in the online casino entertainment industry.

On their official page where they present themselves to the iGaming market and potential players, the RAW iGaming team points out that their main goal is innovation, that is, the creation of content that will "stand out from the crowd".

Taking into account everything we now know about this multi-licensed online game provider, we conclude that they fulfill their promises, and even set higher and higher goals year after year.

Quality over quantity.

RAW iGaming does not currently offer a sea of products; the creative team does not aspire to a massive offer, but exclusive, carefully crafted machines. Speaking in numbers, RAW iGaming has managed to create only a few slot machines up to this point. We have been convinced many times that the quality of the product is far more important than the quantity, so we assure you that it is well worth looking at what RAW has been working on in previous years.

Here's a snippet of the offer...

Wheels of Rock

Slot machine with premium graphics, inspired by popular rock music, in an unprecedented format. What it is about? The Wheel of Rock is the first slot, let's call it experimental even, based on the unique SuperSlice technology, invented by RAW.

This unique mechanic allows players to win using dynamic slices. It's simpler than it seems; players, as in all other slot machines, activate the game by pressing the SPIN button. Instead of classic winning lines, Wheels of Rock delivers slices with symbols, according to the principle – the more symbols, the greater the chance of winning.

Some well-known additions such as Extra Spins bonus, Respins, multipliers, as well as the company's signature MagSpins feature are implemented in the game.

It is interesting that in the majority of RAW iGaming's games the RTP varies, and in the case of the Wheels of Rock machine it is 90.12%, 94.30%, and 95.47%. The provider also offers a high max win potential in its games; Wheels of Rock offers a chance to win prizes up to x25, 000 bet!

Inspired by the Wild West...

...there's also The Good, The Bad, and The SuperSlice machine. Built on the same SuperSlice engine, it offers innovative online casino entertainment under the motto "Wheels are the New Reels".

More from the unique gallery of the RAW iGaming studio…

Journey to Chaos, a slot based on legends from the Egyptian Empire, Irish-themed Lucky McGees, as well as titles inspired by the popular blockbusters Mad Joker SuperSlice, Popeye VS Brutis, The Magnificent SuperSlice.

In addition to being built on the same SuperSlice principle, the aforementioned games share premium graphics, and modern and engaging features, which include Extra Spins, Respins, multipliers, as well as RAW iGaming's signature boosters ClusterSpin and BonusRush.

SuperTracks: A whole new level of online casino entertainment.

This progressive provider of online casino content did not stop at SuperSlice technology but expanded its horizons, and in one of its latest titles, SuperTracks Railways implemented a piece of new entertainment equipment: SuperTracks engine.

SuperTracks Railways is an interesting machine in which the players aim to follow the tracks and avoid roadblocks. The goal is to reach the station safely, which will result in triggering prizes like Free Spins. The dynamics of the game are enhanced by RAW iGaming's Bonus Rush and ClusterSpins features.

All eyes are on RAW iGaming.

This relatively new company, in a very short time, attracted a lot of attention from clients, thanks to modern ideas that resulted in unique online casino content.

However, since the quality of the company is not measured exclusively by the quality of the content, but also by the deals concluded and market growth, RAW iGaming did not neglect this segment either. In a short time, the company acquired Leander Games, Sapphire Games, and recently Green Jade, which resulted in enriching RAW iGaming’s content offer, but also strengthened its presence in international iGaming markets.

In anticipation of new victories of this brand, we will enjoy the unique content created so far.