PoggiPlay Slots

PoggiPlay is a brand established by a group of seasoned industry professionals. They came together intending to advance the iGaming sector and present their perspectives on slots.

This company, founded in Armenia in 2019, is authentic on so many levels. In addition to using various, contemporary slot machine mechanisms, they have also developed an entirely new design system in which the main characters of their machines, are the specially designed avatars. Not only that PoggiPlay produces material under its name, but the brand also provides services for developing casino content for other operators.

Unfortunately, this brand, for now did not succeed in breaking into many markets; as a result PoggiPlay’s games are only offered at a few online casinos.

Unique design and premium graphics.

We hope that PoggiPlay slots will soon be found in more places because they deserve the attention of both the distributors and the players themselves. What initially sets this company apart from others is the fact that you will remember their style; the games are different in terms of themes, but design-wise they have a lot in common. This only means that PoggiPlay, since 2019, has managed to build its style of creating slot content, a style, unlike any other provider. The main qualities of this producer's creations are the simplicity of the interface, simple but effective themes, and, as we mentioned, specially-made avatars.

In terms of mechanics, PoggiPlay offers some pretty fresh ideas. Some slots can be categorized as traditional, such as the Toro Toro slot, but a good part of the portfolio is occupied by machines with more unusual gameplay, such as the Deadly Diamond title.

It is interesting to mention that most of the content was launched in 2022, years after the official opening of the brand; PoggiPlay did not hurry with the presentation of the content, but took its time and created content that will be leave a mark.

Top Slots

PoggiPlay slots come in various sizes and shapes; we single out some of our favorites:

Fuzzy Wuzzy: In this game, an unusual diamond-shaped reel awaits you. The primary role in the story is performed by fuzzy creatures, which, we believe, should represent gremlins. Even though the theme is cheerful, a bit childish even, we have to admit that the gremlins don't seem too friendly. Be that as it may, the game is quite dynamic and equipped with a satisfactory number of features. The graphics are at an excellent level.

Blueberry Island: The Island, on which pleasant French music plays, allows players to choose their avatar - a male or female chef. Depending on the choice, the theme changes from blue to pink. The slot is enhanced with a bonus game and a hefty jackpot.

Deadly Diamond: Jump on the right tile and win a prize! Players control an Indiana Jones-like avatar and direct its movement around the board. If you choose the right, stable board, you win a prize. Otherwise, you fall into the abyss. Again, fantastic graphics accompanied by excellent audio effects.

Blue Invaders:  This unusual slot machine represents PoggiPlay's vision of the universe, that is, of an extraterrestrial conflict. In the game, symbols of different sizes and values have been built in detail, and the list of features includes infinite respins and multipliers.

Purple Fox: We have one hungry fox, a handful of domestic animals to satisfy her hunger, and of course a very worried farmer. Fantastic visuals, dynamic gameplay, traditional reels, and engaging boosters promise a premium slot experience!

Burial Warfare: Gravediggers VS Zombies! Pick your team, and get into action! The horror slot machine has floating reels, and plenty of animations, and is equipped with Extra Spins, jackpots, and bonus rounds that are activated by special symbols.

Super City: Another slot that doesn't look like a slot at all. The goal of the game is to build as many neighborhoods as possible. At the beginning of each spin-on, let's call it a reel, but in fact, it is a big empty construction site, parts of the house fall. The more parts you manage to combine, the more prizes you are in the game for.