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Pocket Games Soft Slots

pocket gamesPocket Games or PG Soft started out in 2015, with a simple aim of revolutionising mobile gaming. They weren’t alone in this mission, as the field was saturated with gaming studios aiming to do the same. The difference is that PG Soft is still standing, and actually delivering that next-gen casino gaming experience. They’ve become one of the companies that are able to define what mobile gaming is all about.

Based in Valletta, Malta, Pocket Games is perfectly situated to take advantage of the latest gaming trends, the experienced iGaming workforce and to offer its own products to worldwide audiences. No wonder they have cemented their place as one of the most promising mobile gaming companies when it comes to online slots.

Acoustic Engineers and Sound Designers

Designing games has come a long way from simple mechanical machines or mathematical problems. Today online slots need to offer a wholesome and entertaining experience, and this is something the company has not only understood but also embraced. Sounds that pulsate to the tune of wins and rolling reels are integral for a perfect gaming experience.

From sounds we can jump to graphics, or art as Pocket Games likes to think about it. This is another area of importance that the company strives to outperform all others on. Their style mixes high quality with colourful and bright graphics for the best possible result, no matter if the theme is about fruits or deep space expeditions.

Designed to Captivate, Thrill and Entertain

pocket_games_gc_2Online slots aren’t the only domain for the company, as they have collaborated on design and execution on a variety of different projects across all sorts of media. This has brought plenty of necessary experience to the company, allowing them to bring their own games to the next level. Obviously, these games are first and foremost designed for mobile casinos.

Combining different elements from graphics and sounds to innovative gameplay and complex mathematical models allows for the sort of games that build-up tension naturally, only to bring in the drop in a magnificent crescendo of wins that surprise and delight the player.

Get to Know the Features…

…by playing PG Soft games. You only need to try out a handful of titles to find out that they like to experiment a lot. Or to keep their finger on the pulse, or in other words they know what they are doing. The features have a wide range, and are rarely if ever recycled from one game to the next.

For example, multipliers come with all sorts of assortments. You can have them with wilds, with wins, or with other symbols and features. Licensed specials such as Infinity Reels are also available. Sticky symbols, extra spins, mystery symbols, and many other surprises are ready and waiting. Why not take a spin on these reels?