PlayStar Slots

popular_themes_and_features (3)PlayStar Gaming is a company that lets its games do most of the talking, which means that information on the origins, ownership and structure of this gaming studio is rather scarce. Yet, we’ve managed to pierce together quite a clear picture of the background for it. Established in 2015, this Taiwanese gaming company is heavily invested in the Asian gaming markets.

The company doesn’t seem to hold any licences as such. On the other hand, these online slots and other casino games are certified by GLi, which is one of the leading casino testing laboratories in the world. Mobile gaming and online slots are the two things that seem to go hand in hand here the most, but you will also find some other interesting casino games in the middle of all this.

Popular Themes and Features

It’s pretty obvious that the company has chosen to experiment and explore themes that are close to home. That’s a bit of fresh wind for a market that is oversaturated with European or Western history and mythology. This time we get a feel of Eastern mythology, which truth be told isn’t that rare either these days. Nature also plays a role, so get ready for ferocious tigers and good luck cats.

Bonus spins seem to be the basis of most special features. Wilds are omnipresent as well, but even they get most of their special functions, like multipliers, movement and expansions during bonus rounds. It’s not simple bonus rounds usually, rather these bonus spins change the way the game plays out, and as you can guess they’re pretty often your primary way into scoring big wins.

The Most Popular Online Slots

the_most_popular_online_slots (2)PlayStars has over a hundred games out, so picking the most popular online slots is a difficult task. Especially as the overall quality is quite steady. Nevertheless, there are a titles that keep popping up among the most popular and the most highly rated amongst these games:

All of the games above offer quite a bit of different takes on online slots. You have five reelers and three reelers. Normal paylines and ways to win systems, big bonus wins and low variance normal paytables. Graphics, sound effects and animations are consistent with high quality across the board.

Other Casino Games From

If you haven’t heard of fishing games before, here's a good chance to get started with titles like Spicy Fishing, Zombie Bonus, or Haidilao. Card games are another rather extensive set of games, offering Baccarat, but also Pai Kong, Pok Deng and others. Finally, there is also a set of arcade games. These are something completely different, even going as far as offering multiplayer options, and a completely new way of cashing in wins.