Playson Slots

playson-slot-main-page-imagePlayson has been rocking the online casino world since 2012, during which time they have spread from their startup position in Sweden to the gambling mecca of Malta, and throughout the world via online casinos. What kind of gaming products have allowed such rapid progression?

Mostly slots, and definitely the ability to offer all sorts of bonuses for those slots. Playson games are a mix of traditional and modern influences, made with technology that allows the players to enjoy the best of both worlds. Read further to find out what kind of gaming you are about to experience.

What is the classic influence?

Fruits machines? Playing cards? Diamonds, bars and sevens? Do these things sound familiar? If so, you probably know what the classic influences in these slots are. The five-reel setup is quite common, though the way the paylines criss-cross is almost unique to each game. The wins in these games aim for high prizes, which at times also means quite high volatility.

The graphics and audio effects enjoy from high quality, even if at times they first seem identical to those symbols of old. The simplistic style makes these slots quite fitting for mobile devices.

...and what of the modern times?

Classic is a misleading word, as it probably makes you think about gaming terminals or simple slots. Here, with Playson, it’s only an influence. The graphics, some of the payouts, the symbols, the sound effects, paylines and specials are familiar...but there’s a lot more than that to be found in these games.

Unique bonus features tend to come in the form of mini-games. These usually have something to do with the theme of the game. In addition, wilds and bonus spins are almost always present, though how much weight has been put on those features depends on each game. Sometimes they just give you a bit of a breather, other times they can bestow you with magnificent prizes.

Then there’s that whole background tech, which gives casinos all sorts of ways to promote the games, such as bonus spins and tournaments.

Falling in love with history

Someone in charge of design decisions has a serious affection for historical themes. If you count out the classical look and a few other oddities in the mix (like Zombie birthdays) , you’ll be witnessing games that take their subject matter from different historical periods.

Mind you, there’s quite a bit of fiction mixed into the fact. The vikings take home spoils, Cleopatra amazes with her beauty, and the Ancient gods and empires bestow riches upon daring adventurers. The theme is mostly there to give a bit of graphical splendour on the reels, with the occasional animation aiming for a bit of storytelling too. Overall, it all mixes together perfectly. There are a few table games in the mix too, for those who want to go even more classic...