Nucleus Gaming

Nucleus Gaming Slots

Quality is the name of the game in the online slots world, and Nucleus Gaming has quality in spades. They really bring it in terms of the number of games they have available as well. A lot of this has to do with being an apparent subsidiary of Betsoft and having access to slightly rebranded versions of their Slots3 line, which is generally considered by many gambling experts to be the single best grouping of online slots ever assembled in one place by one provider.

Features and Gameplay

Great visuals and 3D graphics are not the only things you need to have a great slots portfolio, and they know this. As a result, Nucleus Gamings' slots have awesome selections of features that use different mechanisms that you typically see. While they do have the usual selection of pick-a-box and free spin style bonus rounds, you'll also see other gameplay elements like multiple stages to a game, different symbols and payouts on those stages and so on. This gives their slots a degree of depth that you cannot find otherwise, and that's the kind of thing that we really enjoy seeing overall.

The Role of Their Slots Portfolio

It's not totally clear why they're using their parent company's slots portfolio with different names, but it's not all that important because they're licensed in Malta, which means you can trust what they're doing with regards to safety and security of their games. In any event, it's an interesting situation for players but a win-win one at that because it just gives them more opportunities to get in on the action with some of the best video slots available in this sector of the online gambling world.