Mr Slotty

Mr Slotty Slots

mr_slotty_vilniusMr Slotty is a company situated in Vilnius, Lithuania. They specialize in small mobile slots and are probably the leading edge when it comes to this type of game. They are an extremely well-connected company, with partnerships covering all of the popular casinos and software platforms. 

Their success can easily be attributed to the games, as well as the software that works in the background. The latter allows the casinos to customize games to their liking, offering individual takes to players. If you are looking for light, interesting and fast slots, you’ve come to the right page.

Keep it simple and it’ll work wonders

The games are kept small, which also keeps the design process rigorous. This seems to result in an endless stream of interesting and entertaining slots. This is a relatively simple concept, that nonetheless has led into the kind of quality that other developers are still trying to attain. Take a look at the early games, and you’ll see that it wasn’t always completely perfect. These gems still offer quite a lot of playability, especially for those that like classic slots.

Music and graphics create the atmosphere

mr_slotty_The compact graphics have forced the company to come with innovative themes. Creative artwork, proper coding, and excellent quality combine into a style that is excellent for mobile slots. The music and sound effects do not reach so high, but they are often quite innovative and entertaining in their own right. 

When these two are combined you don’t even have to take a look at the paytables to see if the games are enjoyable, but…

...Let’s take a look at the paytables

The basic wins are what you would expect from fast slots. High volatility is combined with classic reels, and the big wins we have grown to accept today. The return to player tends to be quite balanced. You’ll also find out that most games come with 25 paylines, and quite similar payout structures.

The one thing that the games lack, is special features. Usually, and this covers the majority of the titles, you will have to do with bonus games. These are activated via scatters, and simply add some extra spins to your tally. Luckily, most slots also have the gamble feature, which allows you to double your win for a fifty-fifty chance!

New winds for the company

One could say that despite the changes in themes and graphics, the games are a bit monotonous. And this is partly true. The early games offer the exact same features and wins, simply being re-skinned versions with slight differences. As of late, this has changed. Today the company has finally started experimenting a bit more with features, paylines, reels and payouts. 

We like what we see, and suggest that you keep an eye out for this company and new slots. They have already achieved a lot, with a lot more to achieve in sight!