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mancala-gaming-slot-main-pageFounded in 2019, Mancala brought a noteworthy collection of slot and dice games, which aim to bring new spirit to the iGaming universe. Talented experts gathered in this studio all live and breathe the same vision, and they made sure to incorporate that in every game they create.

How do features found in the studio’s content look like?

At first glance, one may have that déjà vu feeling, as there is ordinary stuff such as multipliers, Wilds, and similar. But, there’s much more to them than it meets the eyes, and that can be discovered once the reels start spinning.

Let’s take a tour through Mancala’s portfolio!

Endless Range of Colorful Topics

If one is curious to find out how did Adventures in Victorian Era look like, take a tent and go Camping, explore the House of Ghosts, feel the Power of Guns, take a walk through the gloomy Alien Forest, fight against the Boxing Champ, no problem- Mancala can make that happen.

Feel the taste of a prohibited glass of champagne…

…in Century of Jazz, experience Blood Romance, dig some precious stones in Dwarf’s Cave, or grab treasure from the Sunken Ship, find out more about some exotic civilization, and much more- courtesy of this forward-thinking, passionate developer.

Even these several titles given here imply that there’s a vast range of topics, making the catalog suitable for all types of punters. It’s suitable for both those looking for more ordinary stories as well as those into adventurous missions.

What Makes Their Dice Games So Different?

Browsing through the web in search of some dice games, one may find Backgammon, Craps, Midnight, but that, on the other hand, is not what one will see in their portfolio.

Wanting to stress out how courageous they are…

…the team decided to deliver something different. As a result, quite an intriguing combination of slot and dice games was born. Visually resembling typical one-armed bandits, but with dice rolling on the reels, as one more great achievement in modern era of game production.

Old features but New Approach

Analyzing their games, punters will find the selection of features that might look a bit modest. There are Wilds, multipliers, additional spins, various bonus games. Some of the releases host special symbols, adding more action to the story.

Though ordinary…

…their true dimension and capability is seen in the game itself. It’s the storyline that dictates how these elements will act. That’s precisely where the high level of expertise of this forward-thinking team reflects, showing that they have the knowledge and skills to take something seen so many times to new dimensions.

Also, content is produced in JS and HTML5, and available in English. The average RTP revolves around 95%, 96%.

How to Describe Studio’s Philosophy?

To use the simplest words, it would be an innovative and fearless approach. By going beyond the boundaries of expected, each product from this creative factory brings new ideas and thoughts to life.

Great service, bonusing tools, juicy themes…

…reliable software, fair business, and great services are the essentials of this brand. In the procedure for Malta and UK certificated, the company wants to ensure approvals from the most stringent regulators.