Lucksome Gaming

Lucksome Gaming Slots

Scrolling around Lucksome’s Gaming webpage was an enjoyable experience. A user-friendly place, very modern and visually appealing is home to some of the best video slots we have seen in a while. 

But, before we start sharing our excitement about these slots, let’s spare a few words about this promising gaming studio...

Lucksome Gaming is a brand developed under the safe wing of immense, prominent Blueprint Gaming. The company is led by a team of industry veterans, experienced in the gambling business, and are well aware of what players really want from a slot machine.

Common Themes and Visual Quality

Common ThemesWe aren’t just throwing words at you; the team which created titles for Lucksome really does know their business. Inside a still limited, but highly interesting slot catalog, gems are hidden; something less than ten video machines, different in style, gameplay, and available features. We know we should be telling you about the common themes, but there is nothing common in these slots- each title is a beautiful story for itself. Loki: The Lord of Mischief is inspired by the famous Nordic legends; Voodoo Temple is created following the stories about dark magic. A slot machine named Way of the Tiger takes players deep inside the dangerous rainforests, full of unforeseen surprises. We are telling you- concerning the theme, there is no similarity between Lucksome games. 

There is a thing, though, present in each and every title we launched – breathtaking graphics! It’s been a while since we stumbled upon such fabulous, sharp, and well-defined slots. Every single detail is brought to perfection – symbols, reel frames, background, and audio effects. We don’t want to sound like a part of the Lucksome marketing unit; we did try really hard to find some flaws in the design, but... we found none.

Game Features and Betting Possibilities 

Game FeaturesWe are in trouble, again. Lucksome Gaming has such a unique approach to gaming that it’s giving us a hard time explaining to you, the players, what their games are like. There aren’t any “basic features”. Every slot machine is boosted with different bonuses, many of the signature features. Some slots are pumped with extra spins, and multipliers, the common features, but many are powered with exclusive Lucksome Gaming features such as Lux Reels and Lux Pots. So- expect the unexpected. 

As for the betting possibilities, the situation is favorable for the players; the lowest bet, depending on the selected slot, goes from 0.10 to 0.20 per spin, while the largest amount you can place is either 200 or 500 coins per round. Pretty extensive options, suitable for both players on the budget, and those who have no problems risking higher amounts. 

Mobile Play 

Something as good as this must be available on remote devices! And, thankfully, it is! Lucksome games are running flawlessly on mobile phones and tablets. You will see no loss in the quality of the graphics, and you will have full access to all the features and bonuses available in the Desktop mode. It’s up to you to decide which you fancy more- the comfort of your gaming chair and a big-size screen, or the freedom to play wherever you are ( just as long you provide a stable internet connection ). Whichever you pick- gamble smartly!