Golden Hero

Golden Hero Slots

Golden Hero is part of the larger JackpotJoyGroup, which runs casinos as its main business. The company operates independently, which is evident from its many deals with online casinos and turnkey providers alike. They have been active since 2017, slowly but surely increasing their collection of modern mobile slots and online pachislots.

Mobile gaming is high on the list, and the company has even developed its own software to make sure that their games run smoothly on all devices. The slots themselves mix different influences freely and tend to concentrate on core features to make the gaming both quick and entertaining. Despite low numbers of slots, they do offer a great deal of variety within their catalogue. There are a few good surprises that every slot enthusiasts should give a try.

Classic games

If you look at titles like Lucky Stones you would think that Golden Hero produces classic slots. One payline, three reels and diamonds as symbols. Doesn’t get much more traditional than that. These are not purely classic though, as the games incorporate a lot of features from newer slots, especially with the different specials. You will be happy to know that there are no traces of simple graphics or clinky-clanky sound effects here. All in all, the influences are clear but the execution is a bit more modern than what you would expect.

...and something a lot more modern

And not just something, but a pretty good view of the whole field of modern gaming. First of all, the games take full advantage of mobile devices. These games run well on smartphones and tablets, and they don’t look bad on desktops either. Secondly, the games employ plenty of different game modes, inspired by experimental and popular games.

As an example, Jewel Race presents you with cascading grid-based system. There are no reels here, instead, you simply match symbols all over the screen. No need for paylines either. This is one of the main strengths of the company, as each one of their slots presents the player with something unique. Whether that is achieved through paylines, reels, features or lack of any of these is up to the individual game. What is of importance is that the games are always well designed, and easily challenge any other game with similar setups.

Diamonds, jewels, treasures and other riches

And it’s not only as symbols that the above manifest in the games. Special features, such as multipliers, make sure that the biggest wins in these games can easily challenge even smaller jackpots. The basic wins do not pale in comparison either, which also means that a lot of the games come with relatively high volatility. Not to worry though, as the return to player is in line with modern expectations.

If you are looking for something new, and perhaps something familiar, then Golden Hero has you covered.