FilsGame Slots

slot_page_what’s_next_for_fils_gameLondon-based Fils|Game operates since 2016 and has, in quite a short time-span, managed to become one of the most promising online gambling software developers.

The brand is dedicated to the quality of their slot products which relies heavily on unique math models, crisp graphics and compelling artwork and storyline.

What Games Does Fils Game Produce?

A very dedicated team of designers and developers is behind some of their best performing titles, such as Luchadores, Fatal Witchies, Deep Blue, China Travel, Totowa and others.

At the time of this writing, the newest slots by this studio were Crime and Underland. For the summer of 2021, some of the planned releases include Bahamas and Beach.

Fils|Game has over 300 slots in their portfolio, as the company is capable of producing them at a very quick rate. They have positioned themselves as one of the innovators on the market as they dedicate their time and effort not to classic slots of old, but to game-changing mechanics, features and tournaments.

The studio invests a great deal of time and effort into game details, little animations and, of course, enjoyable features and entertaining bonuses as well.

What Makes Their Games Unique?

The company conceptualizes its games by adjusting them to the need of their operator partners whilst keeping an eye on the current market trends and audience behavior.

They utilize big databases, cloud computing and statistical modelling develop and verify the game models, whilst the math models themselves are based on a unique concept that radically improves the RNG system and randomizes the odds of winning even further.

To keep the backing mechanisms together with stunning graphics, the studio employs top notch audio and visual engineers that work in tandem with UX and UI designers to ensure seamless gameplay across all devices and platforms.

Fils|Game ties it all together with a step further: they take commissions from their operator partners and deliver bespoke games, right down to the last element, from the sounds to the interface.

Their assets are primarily oriented towards mobile-first gameplay and as such, their developers take into account the ever-changing dynamics on the smartphone market.

What’s Next For Fils|Game?

The developer does not list any licensing info on their website, which sort of leaves their future in the dark, although we are sure that’s just a light omission on their part.

The relative lack of partners and collaborations may be down to the relatively unknown nature of the studio and its youth. Perhaps a more straightforward marketing campaign would help them get out of the shadows and to being more prolific and recognized by their peers.

For this reason, you will not find Fils|Game’s online slot machines in a lot of online casinos. As they’re flying under the radar, only the lucky few that happen to stumble upon their games can actually experience them in real money gameplay mode.