Fantasma Games

Fantasma Games Slots

Fantasma Games is a company that focuses on producing online slots exclusively, and they have been carving out a solid piece of the market for themselves since opening their doors in 2016. Based out of Sweden, they offer a good mix of gameplay, graphics and platform features in a way that makes playing what they have available a great experience pretty much no matter which of their games you're enjoying.

Mobile Play

First and foremost, we want to point out that all of their titles are designed with mobile compatibility in mind. This makes sense because a very larger portion of the market plays from smartphones and tablets. They've facilitated this by developing their games in a way that they can be played on any device with any size of screen as long as it has an updated web browser. This also means that no special downloads are required as long as you have that browser app and a connection, and that gives their portfolio a good level of flexibility and inclusiveness for players.

Graphical Styles

A key component to the high level of quality that you'll find with their games is that the visual elements get a lot of attention. It doesn't matter which of their titles you're playing because you'll always see a great degree of aesthetic appeal in all of them. This is incredibly important to the overall quality of their portfolio, and it comes out in a major way even though you get completely different looks and feels across what they have available. This degree of variety is a pretty big deal, and it's the kind of thing that sets them apart from a majority of the competition.

Putting It Together

Aside from the visual aspect of their games, which they obviously have under control, they also bring something else to the table which is a strong focus on gameplay values. The feature sets they have available offer a higher level of depth than what you typically find, and you can find pay tables with different distributions of payouts. This makes it easier to find something that closely fits what you're looking for in terms of volatility, swings and general play style. As such, they have titles that will be a good fit for a whole lot of different types of players.