ELK Studios

ELK Studios Slots

ELK Studios opened their doors in 2012, but it took more than a year before they were ready with their first slot. The company is clearly unique in its design strategy, which is to always place quality before anything else. This has resulted in a small but formidable catalog of slot games.

The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite being in operation for years they have opted to remain a small but dedicated company. This is why they can easily compete with pretty much all other slots producers out there. They are also well licensed (Malta, UK, Gibraltar) and tested.

What are the multiplayer tournaments?

Multiplayer slot tournaments have been around for some time now. Usually, these are organized by online casinos through their own platform. These allow the players to compete against other players for prizes. Metrics used include wins, wagers, position, milestones and plenty of other things. ELK Studios has included these in all their games, with simple integration for any online casino.

Likewise, players can chase different achievements and prizes on their own. It is entirely up to the casino you choose on whether or not they will offer these added benefits, so choose wisely from our list of suggested online casinos! These features certainly add their own benefits and bonuses to playing slots.

Heavy emphasis on design

One thing that sets ELK Studios apart from most of their competition is their dedication to design. No two slots should be alike. From the initial inspiration to mathematics and artwork, everything is carefully considered. Not every game makes it to the finish line, but those that do are truly unique quality products.

You won’t find reskinned games or recycled mechanics here, which is something that makes the company worth checking out.

History as you’ve never seen it before

It’s not only the game mechanics and quality that stands out. The company has also taken great care that they don’t use source material that everyone else has already done to death. You won’t find the Greek Gods, Cleopatra, lucky charms, or basic fruit machines here.

What they offer are rare themes that are perfected via graphics, animations, sound effects and features that fit the game. Though the company is Swedish it’s not only their own history that they use, nor are the themes purely historic. Sci-fi, video games, popular entertainment, and plenty of more subjects are used as inspiration. If you are tired of the same old same old then here’s something that will surprise you.

ELK Studios slot in conclusion

Quality as this is refreshing as it is surprising. It’s not that all games cater to all players; in fact, that is very much what makes the games unique and interesting. Nowadays there are thousands if not tens of thousands of slots available. Most of them are simple rehashes of the same themes and with the same mechanics already used or in use. Not so with ELK Studio. All of their games stand on their own. Try the slots today and you will certainly find several slots that offer entertainment you have not experienced so far!