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Copacabana Gaming Slots

copacabana-gaming-slots-main-page-image2When gaming experts, tech wizards, and creatives unite, the gambling industry is richer for some amazing releases, like the ones by Copacabana Gaming. The Brazilian-based provider is moving the boundaries of innovation with each title it launches. 

From its inception in 2018...

… as one of its subsidiaries of New Games Technology (NGT), the brand has demonstrated an original approach in creating iGaming products. Delivering high-quality products with innovative features and mechanics that are enchasing the playing experience is its main mission.

It wasn’t long until its potential was noticed, and iSoftBet has jumped on the occasion to integrate its releases into its GP platform. This was possible due to the partnership with Spiffbet, who was the first signed party of the brand.

The provider doesn’t only deliver gaming content, but also groundbreaking software solutions to online casinos and their clients. Still, let’s focus on their games since they come with a thrilling game and highly engaging features which are the main reason why this brand stands out from other software developers.

Innovation Above All Else

As stated on its official website, the focus company lays in “becoming one of the leading gaming innovative content providers in the market”. Specialized in providing new kinds of games for the industry, the provider tends to fulfill its mission by setting ambitious yet realistic projects.

The tendency towards always providing something new and improving the excising products is very well seen in its games. In its portfolio, you will find top quality traditional slots with special tweaks, scratch cards, lotto, and bingo releases, as well as instant games. 

While some titles might look classic at first glance...

…they are far from it. It's impressive how the brand manages to keep all the good characteristics of casino games that players love and elevate them to a completely new level. 

The results are recognizable evergreens with more engaging, thrilling gameplays, enhanced and unique features, multipliers, bonus rounds, jackpots, and additional spins. 

Copacabana Gaming Slots Portfolio

Although for now the provider only features 4 slots...

…it is impressive how they are diverse in a form of theme, components, features and bonus rounds. They do have one thing in common – quite stunning visual appeal with superb graphics, detailed design and outstanding animations.

The modern slots you can find by this developer are:

While the number of slots can be bigger...

…let’s not forget that those are just one type of games the developer makes. Its portfolio is much larger, and its highlight is actually Lucky Animals series. Started as a lotto title, the animals as the main characters were then embodied in the bingo, instant, pulltab and scratch card games by the same name, making it a series.

All in all...

…you should keep an eye on the Copacabana Gaming slots and their other upcoming games. They all come in demo versions you can try out, so you can see their full potential for yourself.