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Casino Technology, today known as CT Gaming, started its trek in 1999 being the first gaming manufacturer established in Bulgaria. Since the beginning, the company has primarily been a land-based producer, with different terminals and cabinets as their main product. Naturally, they have come up with a variety of slots for those machines, and continue to release new games at a steady pace.

The company originally aimed at Eastern European markets, but within a decade also started expanding into the rest of Europe. By 2012 the company also saw the promise of online casinos and started developing and publishing its line of online slots, under a slightly different brand: CT Interactive. These are the games we are going to take a look at here.

CT Interactive Online Slots

The company divides its slots into three main categories: dice slots, cascading slots, and classic slots. Of these, dice slots are surprisingly numerous, though classic slots far outnumber them still. Cascading slots include games from both categories, with the common factor being the disappearing symbols that give way to new winning combinations.

Classic is a pretty good word to describe most of these games. In this sense, it means that you’re going to run into three or five reels married with a set of paylines running from left to right. CT games don’t explore the possibilities of Megaways slots, ways to win games, or any other such experimental and innovative new systems. None of this has any effect on the payouts which range from one thousand to ten thousand times your bet, depending mostly on the volatility level.

Looks Good and Sounds Excellent

In a way, the graphics are quite simple, and animations are rare. But at the same time, there are details in the symbols and the colours are well chosen. You tend to get the core symbols, playing cards ranks, with whatever symbols best highlight the themes. Sound, music and audio effects are surprisingly good, and definitely have nothing to do with the clunky sounds of the earliest terminals and cabinets. Each game comes with its own world of sound, always looking to make the experience light and enjoyable.

The Most Popular Online Slots

So what are the most popular games from Casino Technology? We’re going to discount the land-based games here and concentrate on the online slots. The list obviously changes with time as new slots are released, but we’ve managed to put together a list of games that will get you started with some of the best games to come out from this producer.

Dancing Dragons, 40 Treasures, Tesla Power, and Clover Gems show that there is plenty of difference in themes when it comes to top slots.

Lord of Fortune offers five paylines and low volatility, whereas Caribbean Diver offers 100 paylines and high volatility. There are enough games in the selection to cover pretty much every setup in between. Even with dice slots, you have Chilli Jester and Satyr and Nymph Dice, offering completely opposite setups.

Other popular slots include 50 Treasures, Dancing Bananas, Duck Spell, Wild Clover, and 20 Star Party. You’ve got plenty of games to choose from, with all sorts of different ways to play them. 

What about popular features…

…which kind of specials do you get to try out in these online slots? Double up is a common feature, found in most of these games. There are no big surprises there, with the usual 50/50 chance of scoring the win. Otherwise, each game tends to come with a single special feature. More often than not this means bonus spins as an in-game feature. Occasionally these spins are modified with added wilds, extra symbols or special symbols. From time to time you might also run into bonus wheels or other rare features. 

On the whole, the gameplay is more concentrated on the reels and basic payouts, than it is on any sort of special features.

Bonus Spins and Jackpots

Though originally aimed at gaming halls, kiosks and traditional casinos, CT Gaming hasn’t forgotten about the cornerstones of online casino gameplay. That is promotions such as bonus spins, or extra incentives like jackpots. It’s not the most complicated or extensive setup of bonus tools, but it drives its purpose and allows players to enjoy these online slots with the help of something extra. Of course, it’s up to the individual online casinos to decide which sort of promotions they are about to offer.