BF Games

BF Games Slots

BF Games, or BeeFee Games depending who you are asking, operates from London, UK. The company was established in 2013, just about the time as mobile gaming was becoming a massive trend. They have taken full advantage of this as all of their games are playable through a variety of devices, be that smartphones, tablets or desktops.

The company has a presence throughout a multitude of European countries, be that via offices or other methods. BF Games is a very active producer with quite an impressive portfolio of slots. If you are not yet familiar with their games you should definitely take a look here. The company also offers sportsbook products, though this seems to have received much less love than their slots. They also offer the usual backend solutions to online casinos.

From the shores of China to magical kingdoms

There’s no lack of variety when it comes to themes in BF Games slots. They draw inspiration from western and eastern mythologies as much as from history, be that good or bad. Besides this, they offer plenty of games set in fantasy settings, with a sci-fi backdrop, or even with animated elements. If that is not enough for you, there is also a growing selection of slots that bank on the good old classical themes. There’s no shortage of themes or setups that they come with.

Quality productions through and through

If you are on the look for a slot with excellent graphics BF Games is a good choice. If you desire decent sound effects and music tracks that are not constant repeat BF Games is a good choice. Their games are not known from animations, but quite a few include those as well. When it comes to paylines and different setups there is enough variation to satisfy most needs. On top of this, all the games are easy to use and come with a modern interface that works just as well in desktops as it does on touch screens and mobile devices.

Paylines and prizes

While most of the games come with the standard ten or twenty paylines running through the five reels with three rows, they also offer plenty of specialty slots that break this mold. Some games have only three reels, others offer only a handful of paylines. The vast majority come with a similar setup, which is clearly tested to perfection. The one thing the company lacks is games with a progressive jackpot.

The games usually offer a return to the player that stands above the standard 96%. However, it is worth noting that this very much depends on the casino you play in, as it can apparently be set lower than this. Choose your casino carefully and find out why BF Games is quickly becoming a popular producer amongst players and casinos alike!